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Comments:  Please take your time to read what others have written here and enjoy the messages or suggestions that friends have left on our web site.  We would like to hear what your comments are.  If you are a former member of Tan Son Nhut, Air Base, or passed through the base, we especially need to hear from you, today.


FROM THE WEB MASTER:  This is the last message for 2003.  To access the 2004 Messages, look at the top right of this web page, you will see a box saying, " Archives. "  Click that box and the drop down menue will show the 1999 thru 2004 Archive.  Just click on index and it will take you there.


FROM THE WEB MASTER:  It is our pleasure to introduce our newest Tan Son Nhut Association Members:

1.   Andersen, Mark, Worked on F-4s
2.   Bullock, Gary S., 377th Support Group
3.   Gatto, Joe, 460th Field Maintenance Squadron
4.   Hudspeth, James, 50th Tactical Airlift Sqdn, and 39th Tactical Airlift Sqdn.
5.   Kessel, James, 377th Security Police Squadron, Doghandler
6.   Mazza, Vince, Crash Rescue Specialist
7.   Potter, Joseph D., 377th Air Police Sqdn., 309th Air Commando Sqdn.
8.   Schmidt, David B., 12th TAC Recon Sq. , 16th TAC Recon Sq. Photo Trailers
9.   Stapler, John R. Jr.
10.  Wallis, Phil, Australian Soldier


Name:  Mel Harris,                  Dec 18, 2003

Comments:  I was stationed at Tan Son Nhut during 1969 - 1970, assigned to Det. 1500 of the USAF Postal and Courier Service and worked at CMR #1.  People would never believe the amount of mail and packages we handled during Christmas.  Our barracks and showers were right across from the ROK compound on premieter road.  Can someone tell me where to find the approximate location?

We went to bed on this night 34 years ago and were rudely awakened by a rocket attack early on the morning of the 19th.  I vividly remember the "whistling" sounds and then the explosions, turning the night sky to daylight, while shaking everything in our barracks.  Those of us upstairs quickly grabbed our flak vests and helmets, then headed downstairs for the security of the sand bags.

Welcome to Nam!!

Enjoy your site and reading about other peoples experiences in Vietnam.

Mel Harris (Sgt)
USAF 1966-70


Name:  Philip R. Block, SGT,                  Dec 17, 2003

Comments:  For the web page, Philip R. Block, Sgt, Tan Son Nhut, July 1967 to July 1968, Bien Hoa, Oct 1965 to Oct 1966.


Name:  Lana Noone,                  Dec 11, 2003
URL:  http://www.Vietnambabylift.org

Comments:  Hello, I have recently created a Vietnam Babylift website at the above URL and I invite you to visit my site, which contains information and resources relating to the Vietnam Babylift of 1975.

Since all of the Babylift flights left Vietnam from Tan Son Nhut, I hope that several visitors to your site will have an interest in my site.

Please let me know if you require any additional information.

Thank you very much,

Lana Noone.


FROM THE WEB MASTER:  In the Dec 2003 issue of Revetments, page 5, there is a letter from one of our members, Ken Moll, in which he discusses the Attack on Tan Son Nhut, during April 1966.

On my personal web page of the 377th Security Police Squadron, I have all the attacks on Tan Son Nhut listed, with full information.

What I have just now accomplished, is placed on the Tan Son Nhut Association, another button at the bottom of each page.  The name of the button is TSN Attacks.  Click on the TSNA Attacks button, read the entire page and then hit your return button, to return to the TSNA web page.


Name:  Billy B. Palmore,                  Dec 04, 2003

Comments:  I was assigned to the 1st MOB in Clark AB P.I.  I was a member of the team that installed the GCA unit in 1967, there at TSN.  Fortunately I missed the activity around there in 68.

I was back through there in 1969, 1970, 1971 and 1972 enroute to Dak To, PhuBai, Fire Support Base Roy, LZ Sally, Thon My Thuy, Dong Ha, Con Thien, Quang Tri, and several other places.

The 1st Mob stayed busy back in those days.  Of course Vietnam was not the only country we performed our services in, but it seemed as though we had to come through Saigon when we came in country, many times staying in the transit quarters, which was real close to the Morgue.

We all try to forget the bad memories, and I for one, cherish the good ones, there were many of both over there.  I even remember Tudo Street, what an experience, Saigon Tea.

Chief, USAF (Ret)


Name:  David E. Koopman,                  Nov 25, 2003

Comments:  Words to live by...

"Aim towards the Enemy." - Instruction printed on U.S. Army Rocket Launcher.

"When the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is not our friend." -  U.S.M.C. Training Bulletin.

"Cluster bombing from B-52s is very, very accurate.  The bombs are guaranteed to always hit the ground." - U.S.A.F. literature.

"If the enemy is in range, so are you." - Infantryman's Journal.

"A slipping trigger gear could let your M-203 grenade launcher fire when you least expect it.  That would make you quite unpopular in what's left of your unit." - Army's Magazine of Preventive Maintenance.

"It is generally inadvisable to eject directly over the area you just bombed." - U.S. Air Force Manual.

"Try to look unimportant; they may be low on ammo." - Infantryman's Journal.

"Tracers work both ways." - U.S. Army Ordnance Manual.

"Five-second fuses only last three seconds." - Infantryman's Journal.

"Bravery is being the only one who knows you're afraid." - David Hackworth

"If your attack is going too well, you're walking into an ambush." - Infantryman's Journal.

"No combat-ready unit has ever passed inspection." - Unknown.

"Any ship can be a minesweeper... once." - Anon Naval brass.

"Never tell the Platoon Sergeant you have nothing to do." - Unknown Marine Recruit.

"Don't draw fire; it irritates the people around you." - Your Buddies.

"If you see a bomb technician running, try to keep up with him." - Unknown.

Dave Koopman


Name:  Dennis A. Gille,                  Nov 25, 2003

Comments:  Hello, my name is Dennis A. Gille.  I was a Sgt in the 377th CES Power Production shop from Jan 1970 - Feb 1971.

I don't belong to this organization, but I would like to learn more about it.  What is it you do?  Is there anyone else that was with Civil Engineering at the same time.

Thank you,


Name:  Dan McKegney,                  Nov 23, 2003

Comments:  As a civilian employee of the DON, I worked for Navy Captain Cole Black while he was XO at NAS Miramar (1979 - 1981) in San Diego.  His F-8 was shot down over North Vietnam in 1966.  He spent nearly seven years as a POW.  Capt Black's wife, Karen Black, wrote a novel about family against the backdrop of war and an aviator's imprisonment as a POW in Vietnam.

FWIW, Mrs. Black's website about her self-published novel, Code of Conduct, is shown below.


Dan McKegney
Member, TSNA


Name:  Tom Hildreth,                  Nov 21, 2003

Comments:  Here's a question for folks that served in the recon community:  Did establishments like the 460th TRW have alert birds that could be scrambled to perform photo and sensor recon of high-priority emergent targets?

This question relates to my concern that today we are trying to prosecute a war against terrorism, one that is highly time-sensitive, without tactical recon units that posses fast-movers.

The substantial bandwidth-eating nature and slow speeds of today's UAVs makes me wonder if there isn't one or two USAF leaders who wish they had the capabilities of a TRW in theatre right now.

Any thoughts?

Tom Hildreth


Name:  Colbert Stevesan,                  Nov 12, 2003

Comments:  I was stationed at Tan Son Nhut from April 1969 to March 1970.  I served as a crew chief on Rf-101’s with Det I, 45th TRS.  This looks like a great site, keep up the good work!



Name:  Chet Fedorowicz,                  Nov 08, 2003

Comments:  To the Members of the Association,

I served in the USAF at Tan Son Nhut 1967 -  1968.

Thanks for the effort of the web site.

Chet Fedorowicz


Name:  Raymond E. Albee,                  Nov 07, 2003

Comments:  Will bring up and read further when I have more time.  Was a big hole in the history(s) and folks' names on your great site.

I was a Ground radio Oprator at Tan Son Nhut December 1961 - May 1962, along with a bunch of other 1st AACSRON Mobile ("The Mob") and as I recall we outnumbered all the other Det's there.  I was back in 1966 with the 3rd Air Rescue Gp/JSARC (again augmentee from 1st MOB) and then finally came back in Oct 1971 but didn't do TSN that time.

Started out with 20th TASS at Danang then to 4th ARVN on the DMZ, then to 3rd Brigade 101st Abrn Camp Evans and lastly III DASC Bien Hoa, rotated 31 OCT 1972


Name:  Charles Penley,                  Oct 26, 2003

Comments:  I am trying to find some of the building plans for the two story wooden barracks that we lived in at Tan Son Nhut.  I have been searching the internet with no luck.  Can you help?

Charles Penley


Name:  Hank Sauer,                  Oct 23, 2003

Comments:  Hank Sauer, 1876th Comm Sq, July 68 - Jul 69.  Was the Base Comm Complex Supt, had the base comm center, base switchboard, LEN comm center, ALCE comm center, non-tac radios, telephone work orders and god only knows what else.

The 1876th at the height of the Viet Nam War was the largest AFCS comm sq, with over 1,000 men and one of the most complex Air Traffic Control operations in the world.  We have lots of 1876th ex-troops in the AACS Alumni Association ( http://www.aacsalumni ) and are planning a night out during the 2004 AACS Annual Reunion in Scottsdale, AZ next September 23-26.

Great reading the notes from ex-Tan Son Nhut troops.  Oten think of the Army truck driver that made at least three tries to down the main cable run (think there was more that 2,000 ciruits) when his tractor trailor hit the cable run.  The 69th Sig Bn, worked night and day to restore our critical circuits and did a hell of job.

Hank Sauer, CMSgt (Ret)


Name:  Bob Miller,                  Oct 23, 2003

Comments:  I just became a member of the TSNA and was wondering if anyone in the Assn knew the size (sq miles, acres, whatever) of TSN and the civilian airport and MACV. I am starting to keep some notes and find this fact quite elusive.

Many thanks.

Bob Miller
1876 Comm Sq
Apr 67 - Apr 68

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  Bob, the perimeter of Tan Son Nhut Air Base was approximately twenty (20) kilometers.  Ten kilometers is equal to 6.2 miles, so the total perimeter was approximately 12.4 miles.


FROM THE WEB MASTER:  On the front page of Revetments, October, 2003 issue you will see a portion of the front page of Seventh Air Force news that was donated to the TSNA by Jerold Cook, Walla Walla, WA.  I asked Mr Bob Need to send me the newpaper temporarily and I would take each story that pertains to Tan Son Nhut and put it on our 7th AF New web page at URL:   http://www.tsna.org/7thafnews/november011967.html

If any of you have copies of the 7th Air Force News and send it to Mr Charles Penley, then I will place the Tan Son Nhut stories on our web pages also.


Name:  Al Short,                  Oct 05, 2003

Comments:  It is with thanks to you for your efforts that this message is being sent.

I was an Air Policeman with the 377th Air Police Squadron during all of 1967, serving in "Echo" sector.  At one point we even had a stray mutt named "Echo", but the pup had to be put down due to a case of rabies.

I remember climbing up the water tower two nights in a row  --- and am still trying to recover from that excursion?  Coming down that series of ladders was noteworthy due to the tree frogs clinging to the rungs.

I was also stationed at Bien Hoa and Da Nand during most of 1965.

Many thanks and best wishes from New Jersey

Al Short


Name:  Dave Koopman,                  Sep 26,  2003
URL:  http://www.qsl/wb0ydi/vietnam.html

Comments:  I heard that the Vietnamese Government issued the RVN Gallantry Cross unit citation to all units subordinate to Military Assistance Command (MACV) during the period 8 February 1962 and 28 March 1973 and to U.S. Army Vietnam and its subordinate units for the period 20 July 1965 to 28 March 1973 pursuant to General Order DA GO 43, 1970.  This would permit all personnel who served in Vietnam to wear the RVN Gallantry Cross unit citation.

I checked with the National Personnel Records Center to see if I was authorized the RVN Gallantry Cross unit citation pursuant to General Order DA GO 43, 1970.  They replied that I was authorized to wear it along with a couple of other medals I wasn't aware of.   The National Personnel Records Center was very helpful.  They forwarded my request for authorization to wear the RVN Gallantry Cross unit citation to the Air Force Personnel Center and the AFPC sent me a nice letter listing the awards I was authorized to wear and replacements for those awards free of charge.  You may read their letter to me at URL:  http://www.qsl/wb0ydi/award.html.

I thought the members of the TSNA and readers of the TSNA Guestbook would be interested in this information.

Dave Koopman


Name:  Jame (NMI) Martin,                  Sep 21,  2003

Comments:  First, I served with the 58th Aircraft Maintence and Support Bn; from April 1966 - Septmeber 1966.  I worked out of the Data Processing Center of 58th Bn, right accross from the Tan Son Nhut Mortuary.

I have been looking for anyone that was there during the same period of time I assigned to the unit.

I need information for my disability with V.A.

In addition; I served two tours duty at the Vietnamese Joint General Staff as a MACV Advisor with J14 Advisory Team, from 1966-1967 and from 1970-1971.

I thank you for any information you may have on the Tan Son Nhut Mortuary location near the 58th Aircraft Maintenance and Support BN, during 1966.



Name:  James Gropper,                  Sep 15,  2003

Comments:  Well I think I am the only one from A Btry, on tsn in 1965 - 1966.  Have searched several months now.  Think the other ones turned up their toes.  Some of you guys in blue, that was there at that time remember the steak and country we had at the missile site once a month.

Had a lot of good buddies come across the field to our party.  Hope some of you remember and all came home safe.  Getting to old to remember names any more.  To those that are not with us anymore, you are not forgotten!!


Name:  Lou E. Kok,                  Sep 09,  2003

Comments:  I served with the 377th CSG from Oct 1970 - Oct 1971 as a Protestant Chaplain.  Some of the other chaplains were Pete Booke, John Jahren, Father Klein, Jerry Nadine, Rod Wurst, Harry Houseman, several others.  I haven't heard from many of the chaplains that were there during that time.  It would be fun to know where they are and what they are doing.

Lou Kok


Name:  Jim Stewart,                  Sep 09,  2003

Comments:  RE:  377 SPS Reunion January 29 - February 1, 2004, Albuquerque, NM

The 377 SPS Reunion mailing is going out this week from the Reunion Brat to the 500 377 Alumni for whom I have postal addresses.  If someone hasn't received a notice within 2 weeks they should email me, write to me or call me.  I may not have a current address for them.

Please post this on the 377 SPS web site.  I hope to see you in Albuquerque.

Jim Stewart, O.D.
377 SPS K-9 9/67-9/68
PO Box 67
Montrose, MI 48457-0067
Ph:  810-639-5755


FROM THE WEB MASTER:  It is our pleasure to introduce our newest Tan Son Nhut Association Members:

1.  Brown, Dewey C., 377th Security Police Squadron (Bravo Sector)
2.  Gropper, James S., A Battery, 97th Artillery Group
3.  Kahler, John R., 33rd Air Base Squadron, Air Police Unit (Later 377th SPS)
4.  Miller, Robert L.
5.  Parrish, Inous S. (Bub), 69th Signal Battalion


Name:  Robert Miller,                  Aug 30,  2003

Comments:  1876 Comm Squadron, April 67 - April 68

Found your web site tonight and am going to join your association.  Just wondering if any of my fellow airmen are still around.  I was a radio operator (293x0) and worked at TSN Airways and the SSB station.  MSgt Garfield Oskel was NCOIC, some of the guys were Sgt Tinkham, Sgt Phaneuf, Amn McKegney, Sgt Krzyzopolski (???) and others too many to remember.   Lived in 800 area and also had a villa in Saigon.  One hell of a place, even in the middle of a war.  Was there for Tet 68 and all its glory.   Looking forward to hearing from anyone interested in reliving memories.

Still living in Bermuda ... came back here when I got out in '72.  Did a second tour with 19 TASS at Phan Rang, but was stationed at III DASC Hq at Bien Hoa.  Lived in an army camp called Train Compound just outside of BHAB.  Another good year.Look forward to hearing from old vets.

Bob Miller


Name:  Phil Monagan,                  Aug 22,  2003

Comments:  Dear Sir, I have in my possession a cloth bush hat(?)(I'm not a vet)that appears to be quite a keepsake, which I found at a rock show in the late 70's.  This item recently resurfaced in my attic and I want to find it's owner, or his family, etc.  It has several distinctive and ribald patches-one says "377 Security Police Squ. - QRT" another "sex relieves tension",etc.  It has references of "72 T.S.N. 73" and "Cam Ranh Bay."

I believe, I found this at the "Lenox Inn", an outdoor concert venue in the Berkshire Mountain area of Mass.  The show could have been Hot Tuna, but I'm not sure.  The front patch says "Vietnam - if you haven't been there-shut the fuck up."  Is the owner of this out there - or maybe one of his pals?

Please contact me.

Phil Monagan-Waterbury,Connecticut


Name:  Henry L. Harper,                  Aug 22,  2003

Comments:  My name is Henry L. Harper and I served in the Air Force in the Vietnam War at Tan Son Nhut during the years of November of 1972 - April 1973.  I also served with the 377 Transportation Squadron.  I would like to know if you were there during that time or if you of anyone who was there during that time and if so could you please respond.  I would greatly like to talk with someone I have served with!  I am also looking for Rick Edwards, Larry Conn and Kimmy Kozarian.

Thank you and God Bless!


Name:  Bernard C. Gifford (SMSgt Ret),                  Aug 11,  2003

Comments:  Hello, All is well, I received the CD's of the TET offensive and would believe I could not listen to them without getting all emotional.  It was just like it was happening all over again.  I may try again at a later date, but not sure if I will ever be able to listen to them.  One would have to have been there to know or understand just what I am try to convey.  God bless all who were there and survived.

Keep up the outstanding work on these sites.

A Friend,


Name:  Stanley E. Hutchinson,                  Aug 09,  2003

Comments:  Tan Son Nhut Association Web Page.

Served with HQ, MACV AG 10/68 to 8/69/  Looking for anyone from then, especially those in the Admin Machine division, Personnel Accounting Branch.

Also, any information about "Mini-Tet 1969" in the Saigon/ TSN region.

And, does anyone have info as to what happened to the MACV buildings after the war?

Just curious.

Stan Hutchison
US Army (Ret)

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  Stan, I have seen a photograph of the MACV Headquarters building at Tan Son Nhut Air Base, shortly after the war.  It was imploded and most of it fell in-ward.  I understand that they have built a five star hotel on the same location.


Name:  Frank Godigkeit (SMSgt Ret),                  Aug 07,  2003

Comments:  Visited site 08-07-03 .. SMSgt Frank Godigkeit (Ret) USAF .. 1964 - 65 Technical Control Facility, TSN Air Base, SSgt at the time ...


FROM THE WEB MASTER:  It is our pleasure to introduce our newest Tan Son Nhut Association Members:

1.  Hildredth, Thomas
2.  Kaplan, Michael
3.  Rivers, Justin D., active duty, USAF, Senior Airman, Security Forces


Name:  Bob MacAvoy,                   Aug 02,  2003

Comments:  I was an aircraft fuel systems mechanic (42450) with the 35th FMS at Phan Rang from 8/67 to 8/68.  I flew in and out of TSN several times on TDY's to Bien Hoa and Binh Tuy.  I took several photos from the window of a C-47 while we were on approach to TSN I believe, but I need some help in identifying exactly what is in the photos and whether they are definitely on the TSN approach.  One photo shows what appears to be a radar or communications site.  The other photos are of burned out buildings that have been mortared or rocketed.  Drop me a line and I'll e-mail copies to you.

My other duty stations were at McGuire AFB 5/66 to 6/67 and McChord AFB from 9/68 to 5/69 when I took an "early out".  TDY'd to Dover AFB for C-141 training and to Myrtle Beach AFB for F-100 training.

This is a great forum.  I wish there was a site like this for Phan Rang so that I could share the many photos of "Happy Valley" that I have.   Also, I have a bunch of photos (mostly of F-4's) that I took at Cam Ranh Bay when I was up there on another TDY and I will send them out if anyone is interested.

I am also trying to contact my old "tank diver" buddies from the Phan Rang fuel systems shop, so if you guys see this (or if you know someone who was there during my time there) please drop me a line.

Bob MacAvoy


Name:  John A. (Jack) Humphries,                   Jul 31,  2003

Comments:  I was assigned to Tan Son Nhut from June 1967 - May 1968 when I escorted the body of a friend, Major Robert Ball, back to Cincinnati, Ohio.

I was assigned to 7th Air Force in the Data Automation Hut located behind 7th Headquarters.  In fact, I was in charge of getting that building up and operational.  The building was adjacent to the helo port.

We had sand bagged the building and that saved our lives when Tet hit.  We unofficially called the building "Fort Whittley" in honor of the CO.

I was promoted to Lt. Col. while in Vietnam and subsequently promoted to Colonel prior to retiring in June 79.  I was reassigned to the Air Staff upon returing from Vietnam.

I am retired in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Would enjoy hearing from anyone that was there at the time.


Name:  George Colton, LT Col USAF (Retired),                   Jul 28,  2003

Comments:  Just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed your site.

I was at Tan Son Nhut with Air Force Advisory Team One from May 1967 until May 1968.

I would be interested in hearing from other AFAT members.

George Colton, Lt Col USAF Retired


Name:  Ian Findlay,                   Jul 23,  2003

Comments:  Hi, My name is Ian Findlay and would like to make contact with any of the guys were from the 377th or other units at Vung Tau, and Tan Son Nhut from April 1967 until April 1968.

I was with the Australian Air Force, 9th Squadron (choppers) and later Base Support Flight (later called Operational Support Unit.)  I worked closely with and got to know a lot of guys from SP and Transport, refuelling etc . .

I have photographs of some and could email then if I got the appropriate contact(s).  I also found myself on a US Army LCU at newport docks as TET broke out all I can remember was this vessel was nick-named " Hell Afloat."

I remember a few of the guys that where at Vung Tau got assigned to TSN just before Tet.

Hope you can help.

Ian.  ( I live in Tasmania, Australia. )


Name:  Larry ?????,                   Jul 22,  2003

Comments:  Hy folks.  I think I saw a Tan Son Nhut Map at your website.  I was in the 114th Aviation Company in Vietnam in 1964.  The first three and a half months,I was at Vinh Long and then I got transfered to Tan Son Nhut, still in the 114th Aviation Company, U.S.Army.

My brother was a Helicopter Mechanic at Vung Tau the same year.  I once caught the Chaplin Run to go visit my brother.  He was in Germany in 1963 and also in Vietnam in 1962.  I was trying to figure out from that map where my company was back then.  Somewhere toward the middle right in the map, I think.

If Tan Son Nhut was still the same today as it was then, I wouldn't need a map, I could go right straight to where I lived at Tan Son Nhut.



Name:  Dale Stickley,                   Jul 19,  2003

Comments:  Hello, are there any C-123 hands out there?  We were at Tan Son Nhut, then moved to Phan Rang in the Summer of 1967.  I spent most of my off duty time at the NCO club or the service clubs (lol) around town.  At Phan Rang, every thing was off limits but we always found a way to go to town such as it was.

In 1970, I was with the 22nd TASS, a drag tail 01-A Squadron FAC's, spent a lot of time in out posts, closing air fields and moving materials back to Bien Hoa AB.  We had 02-A's and 02-B's in the outfit too.  I worked on all of them at one time or another.  I spent almost eight years working Cessna aircraft for the Air Force.  I can still pick out the sound of an Oscar deuce from the other aircraft that fly around here.  lol


Name:  Joshua Bender-Dubiel,                   Jul 19,  2003

Comments:  I'm seeking all personnel who were in direct connection with the Meyerkord BOQ in Saigon during the first 5 days of the TET offensive in Feb 1968.

My mother CWO2 Mary V. Bender, MI, was holed up in the 3rd floor stairwell of this hotel with an M2 carbine.

If anyone remembers or doesn't remember this woman please contact me immediately.

Thank You to all of the MP BNs. God Bless You All!



Name:  Jim Brennan,                   Jul 16,  2003

Comments:  I am a Vet Nam Vet.  My name is Jim Brennan.  I spent a year at Tan Son Nhut AB from 1965 April to 1966 March.  I have just found this page and am looking forward to seeing it.

Thank You So Much.

Jim Brennan
MSGT (Retired)


Name:  Charlie Tate,                   Jul 12,  2003

Comments:  Hi,

This is for the Tan Son Hnut Association Web Page (Please), Thank you .  I servered with the 64th Q/223rd, S&S Transportation Unit, In Saigon /Tan Son Hnut, from May 1968 - Aug 1969.  I worked out of the Aviation Yard in Tan Son Hnut right across the road from the Tan Son Hnut Airfield.  I have been looking for anyone that was there the same time that I was, I need alot of info that I can't remember, for V.A. to grant me my disibility.

I really would appreciate all the help that anyone may have for me, and WELCOME HOME TO ALL VETERANS.

My rank at the time was Spec 4th Class.

Could you please post this on your message board, Thank you and may God be with each and everyone of you .

A veteran looking for help.


Charlie Tate


Name:  Jerry Leonard,                   Jul 09,  2003

Comments:  I was there, July 1965 to Jan 1966, Bien Hoa.  We had 13 attacks on the base.   I worked nightshift in the Maintenance hanger beside the U-2s.  I was Aircraft Supply Laision and a AP Agumentee.  Where's my water and relief ?   Ha, Ha , Ha !

In Jan 1966, I was sent to Pleiku.  Great place.  I spent 10 days in Aircraft Laisiion and 10 days as an Agumentee.  Some times I would get a day off.  I'm still waiting on my water, relief and now I need food and a some sleep.  I got relieved in July 1966, to go back to the US.

In Feb 1967, I was sent back to my post.  This time it was at Phan Rang.  They don't bring you water either.  There, I also had the extra duty of burning shit on my day off from agumentee.

I worked at the Airmen's Club near Happy Valley.  I had the extra duty there of helping build a Golf course and a Theater for Bob Hope.  Great Tours.  I just love my days off, when I got one.  And, I'm still waiting for the Strike Team to bring me some water.


Name:  John Worden,                   Jul 07,  2003

Comments:  My name is:

John Worden
SP5, US Army
DECCA Navigation
1st Aviation Battalion ( Battalion was located at Bear Cat North of Saigon)

I was stationed at the Helipad at Tan Son Nhut 1967 - 1968

I saw the TET Offensive 1968, from the helipad.



Name:  Kevin M. Lee,                   Jun 30,  2003

Comments:  My father recently passed away in 2000 and I was wondering if anybody that served with him would please contact me.  He served at Tan Son Nhut in 1969-1970.  His name was Roger R. Lee, Msgt. Ret.

Thank you,

Kevin M. Lee


Name:  Gene Atkins,                   Jun 28,  2003

Comments:  I am Gene Atkins, was with MAAG at Tan Son Nhut in 1962 and 1963.  Was again there in 1964 and 1965 with the 56th Trans Co.  Passed thru in 1968 for the third tour.  Would love to hear from all.  I am a member of the Army Otter Caribou Assocation.  Its a good Orgn.  Check it out.


Name:  Danny Angel,                   Jun 18,  2003

Comments:  My name is Danny Angel and I was at Tan Son Nhut from Oct 67 till Oct 68.  I was with the 460th FMS group.  I was first on loan to the C-123 bunch and then worked on RF-4C's.  Anybody out there that worked with me give me an e-mail.


Name:  Phung Van Chieu (Col, Ret),                   Jun 15,  2003

Comments:  Capt. THO was Deputy Comdr. of the Defense Squadron ( 33rd VNAF Defense group Tan Son Nhut Air Base) 1969 - 1970.  He needs your help him to find Master Sergeant NION, who in charged of all matters concerning installation passes for all military and civilians who worked for the USAF at TSN air base.

THO considers him(NION) like his foster father.

Here is THO DUC VU' s email address: , you can contact him directly.

Phung Van CHIEU


Name:  Tom Hildreth,                   Jun 13,  2003
URL:  http://www.vermontel

Comments:  Hello All,

I served as a tech controller with the 1876th Comm Sq. at TSN, 2 Jun 1968 - 1 Jun 1969.  While there I worked 3 different tech control locations; AGL, PAFCO Relay, and HQ &AF (photo attached).  Also worked at NCMO.  I remember one night talking to a guy who was somewhere on base in a comms trailer (GCA?).  He told me to hold one while he got the door, only to come back a moment later and excitedly asked me to get EOD, as there was an unexploded 122mm rocket sticking up out of the ground on his doorstep.

The last month I was there, alot of effort was being expended setting up a system that involved tech control called PIACCS.  It was a complicated real time BDA reporting system as I recall.  Wondering if it ever became operational.

I have a recollection posted at: http://www.theaviationzone/factsheets/c123.asp and will be putting something TSN / Saigon-related together on my pages listed above in the near future.

Best regards to all.


FROM THE WEB MASTER:  It is our pleasure to introduce our newest Tan Son Nhut Association Members:

1.  Jernigan, Freddy T., 377th Security Police Squadron
2.  McKenzie, Carl H., 19th Air Command Squadron
3.  Morriss, Robert, Sr., 460th Field Maintenance Squadron
4.  Pope, Ronald C., 377th Security Police Squadron
5.  Trough Van Rang, VNAF, Joint Staff


Name:  Robert T. Flockoi,                   Jun 09,  2003

Comments:  Hello All,

I'm Robert T. (Tim) Flockoi, Maj (Ret) USAR.   I was stationed with the 69th Signal Bn and Signal Support Agency - Saigon, during 1969 - 1970.

I have a copy of the 69th SSA-Saigon Command Briefing and Slide Show with me at Lawton, Fort Sill, OK.

I see by reading the other messages that several fellow communicators have checked onto the web site.  I look forward to also possibly hearing from my gung-ho vehicle and A/C Generator Maint. Personnel.  Especially a certain CWO who got a big surprise from me when I left.

Tim Flockoi


Name:  Wayne Salisbury,                   Jun 01,  2003

Comments:  Larry, thanks for submitting your pictures for the web site.  The pallet containing 10 caskets serves as a reminder to all of us the supreme sacrifice so many gave for their country.

Best regards,

Wayne Salisbury
Board of Directors - TSNA
New Membership


Name:  Pat Taylor,                   May 30,  2003

Comments:  I discovered this sight today.  I served in Vietnam from September 1965 to January 1966, at the 90th Replacement Battalion at Camp Alpha.

Would like to join your group and love to hear from any others of the 90th during that time period.

Thank you.

Pat Taylor


Name:  Wayne Salisbury,                   May 19,  2003

Comments:  The Tan Son Nhut Association is actively seeking new membership in our very proud association.  We appreciate the loyalty of our current membership and I know each of you will help us to achieve our membership goals.

There will be more later about this important subject.  Meanwhile speak to family, friends and associates about joining our dynamic association.  WE NEED YOUR HELP MY FRIENDS!

For those cruising the web site, I encourage you to contact me about joining the association.   If you were stationed at TSN or just passed through we'd love for you to become a member.  Each of you will enjoy the monthly issue of our newsletter, Revetments.  As a member you are encouraged to submit for publication any story you'd like for others to read.  Maybe it is an experience you had -- good or bad.  Maybe it's a few words about how your Vietnam experience changed your life.   Whatever the subject, there are hundreds that will be interested in reading what you have to say.  We want to hear your story!

Best regards,

Wayne Salisbury


Name:  Lindsey S. Weilbacher,                   May 15,  2003

Comments:  Hello-very neat webpage you guys designed.  I was a Donut Dolly in Vietnam 1966 - 1967 and passed through the airbase several times.

I am helping a war orphan right now and I noted that you did have an attack on Feb. 24, 1968 -- do you have any info on that?  I believe the Air Force Tech Sgt. Lowell Vetter Smith was killed in his sleep from a rocket attack on that date.  His official listing says killed in Gia Dinh.  Is that part of the airbase like the province or something?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks and welcome home.

Lindsey S. Weilbacher

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  Gia Dinh Providence is sort of like a county within your home state.  Inside the Providence was located Tan Son Nhut Air Base and Saigon.

All the information that I have for the Feb 24, 1968 attack is listed.  I do not have any additional information.  Perhaps someone reading this message could reply to you.


FROM THE WEB MASTER:  It is our pleasure to introduce our newest Tan Son Nhut Association Members:

1.  BURKE, Frank, AFVN Saigon
2.  GWYNN, Paul G., Jr.
3.  JEFFREYS, James Victor, Det 4, Air Procurement Region, Far East
4.  TREADWAY, Fred


Name:  Carl H. McKenzie,                   May 05,  2003

Comments:  I was at Tan Son Nhut in '64 and '65, assigned to 19th Air Commando Sqdn. I flew as flare-kicker on C-123's.

Carl H McKenzie
MSgt, USAF (Ret)
Ft Worth, TX 76116


Name:  Dennis Marsh,                   May 04,  2003

Comments:  Just visiting.

Dennis Marsh
Cam Ranh Bay 1969-70


Name:  Thomas R. Sawyers,                   Apr 30,  2003

Comments:  Welcome Home Brother, My Name is:  Thomas R. Sawyers.

I was on Tan Son Nhut AB,RVN from; Aug. 1969 thru 1970 with the 377th SPS and cross trained to the 12th TRS then to the 16th TRS.

I wonder if you could help me out just a bit.  I am looking for action reports/after action reports for this time in my life.  I am 53 now and I have diabetes and high blood pressure, and I can't remember as well as I used to and I have a C&P coming up soon and I don't want to look totally stupid.

Please help me out.


Name:  Mike Benoit,                   Apr 25,  2003

Comments:  dear sir how come I cannot find the unit I was station with on tan son nhut  I was with the 110th transportation company if you get on to this web you cannot click on to light truck companies  I drove 2/1/2 trucks every day from 1971until march 72 I am looking for the personel roster who were assigned to the motor pool  I still have my drivers license for this company but I can not find it or log on to it if you can help me I would be thankful  I have been trying for months to find information on my company I was with we were deployed out in 72  I was discharged  if you find what I am looking for let me know thankyou



Name:  Arthur Carrington,                   Apr 24,  2003

Comments:  Gee, this is a great site!  I was in Google and decided to put in TSN and voila, this site pops up.

I was with USAF Dispensary, from 2/64 to 5/65.  Having two AFSC's as a medic, I also served in the mortuary assisting the civilian mortician ID'ing and performing dental charting on dead personnel.

During the week before Xmas 1964 thru Jan 3, 1965, along with a squad of Army Military Police, a dentist and MP captain, we had a SOG mission to find the remains of two Special Forces enlisteds the VC supposedly sent back with the bodies of ARVN Commandos.  We searched graveyards, funerals, etc., all to no avail, but it had to be done.

If anyone out there was with the 68th UTT, this is "Doc". Take care.


FROM THE WEB MASTER:  For those individuals who do not receive the Tan Son Nhut Association, "REVETMENTS newsletter," dated April 2003, there is some information you will need to know about.

On page 7, it states, "that due to low number of registrations for the scheduled 2003 Reunion, we should cancel plans for our reunion on April 25-27 of this year."

"It is officially canceled."


Name:  Art Brown,                   Apr 17,  2003

Comments:  this is art brown again its been a while since ive been on still trying to find some friends from tsn fron 71 72 your doing great work thank you


FROM THE WEB MASTER:  It is our pleasure to introduce our newest Tan Son Nhut Association Members:

1.  Batey, Larry, 377th Supply Squadron
2.  Gibbs, Charles W.


Name:  Robert Ver Merris,                   Apr 16,  2003

Comments:  To my fellow Tan Son Nhut veterans;

Greetings and hope you are well.  I was in the Army with the 69th Sig Bn at Camp Gaylor, 1973-1973.   Several times a month VC would mortar the TSN runway.  Can anybody give me information on the distance from the runways to Camp Gaylor which was near the main gate?

A second question, and it really isn't high priority.  In watching all the newscasts over the months, I'm a little shocked at all the three-four star officers all huggy-feely with the troops.  How many of you saw four star officers trying to feel your pain and talking to you like a long lost uncle.


Robert J. Ver Merris


Name:  Mike Benoit,                   Apr 16,  2003

Comments:  I was assigned to the 110th Transportation Co., 34th GS Grp at Tan Son Nhut Oct 71 until March 72.  The unit was shipped out to be discharged.   What I am looking for is the company daily personel roster to show that I was assigned to the motor pool.

There has to be someone out there that can find out this information.  Don't ask me to write to NARA cause I already did that long time ago and never got a respond.  I still have my drivers license from this unit someone had to be with this unit when I was there.  Oh, my arm patch on my left shoulder is the 1st Aviation Brigade.




Name:  L. Webber,                   Apr 09,  2003

Comments:  I was at Tan Son Nhut air base from Dec 1965 until June 1966.  I was TDY from Duluth air base.  I would like to here from anyone that was in TOPDOG 76.  there was about 100 of TDY from all over the U.S. bases.  Since my name isn't in my email it is L. Webber from Kentucky


Name:  William Frank,                   Apr 09,  2003

Comments:  Looking for people that worked in the 377 / 460 Field Maint Squadron AGE shop.  Iwas ther from May 1966 to Jan 1967, myself and 14 other people got transfered to Nha Trang jan 67.  This was due to the build up at Nha trang.

William Frank
Hixton Wis.
Retired jun 1984


Name:  Dave Gallaher,                   Apr 07,  2003

Comments:  Interesting to have stumbled onto your site.  I was looking for any references to the 16th Tac Recon Squadron and found it on Google.

I worked photo interpretation and infrared readout (AFSC 20630) from September, 1967 to July 1968 at which time my father passed away and the Red Cross secured emergency leave.  Having completed 270 days in country, I was not required to return and was re-assigned to the 4444 Recon Tech Group at Langley Field, Virginia for the remainder of my term.

During my shift we processed and analyzed film and infrared from RF-4C's RF-101's, and the Detachment 1 RB-57's.  The 16th had Air Force personnel, Army personnel, and two officers from the Royal Australian Air Force on staff.

I served on the night shift at the 16 Tac PPIF (Precision Photo Interpretation Facility) located in trailers near the 460 RTS building on the flightline.  I remember rebuilding the bunkers (which had all been torn down for 'base beautification') after Tet, and have a tape recording of the fighting in the French cemetery in early May, 1968 that contains small arms, tank shells, and eventually VNAF A-1E's attacking with bombs and rockets.  I lived in barracks 1256, which had a clear view of the activities during this event.

On the night of the first 122mm rocket attacks in May, I was driving back to PPIF from midnight chow when the first incoming hits took place.  I drove to the 1200 barracks area and awoke a bunch of troops who were still sleeping.

During off-duty times, I played at the Airmen's Club, and the MACV EM club, as well as bunch of other places (including Long Binh) in a g.i. band called the Rotations.  We alternated with the Philipino bands (the Drop Outs, The Six Uglies, etc) at these clubs.  Ironically, the guitarist from the Six Uglies is now a U.S. citizen and lives near me in Huntsville, Alabama.

I am a professional musician, and have been since leaving the Air Force in 1971, at the rank of sergeant (the E-4 variety).  I was recently interviewed by a British magazine concerning James Brown's visit to TSN in 1968, which I attended.  We didn't get Bob Hope during my tour.

Respects to you,

Dave Gallaher


Name:  Charles Penley,                   Apr 02,  2003

Comments:  The May 17, 1968 issue of Life Magazine, does have three photographs of the French Cemetery that the NVA and VC utilized during the Attack on Tan Son Nhut, May 6, 1968.  The accompaning article only mentions Tan Son Nhut in one paragraph.


FROM THE WEB MASTER:  It is our pleasure to introduce our newest Tan Son Nhut Association Members:

1.  Geisler, Edmond H., 460th Field Maintenence Squadron, Engine Shop 1
2.  Pope, William Sr., 377th Security Police Squadron
3.  Struebing, Jack A., 377th Field Maintenance Squadron
4.  Ursch, Glen
5.  Watts, Jerry


Name:  King Nestor,                     800 BC

Comments:  " But now is the time for the younger men to lock in rough encounters, time for me to yield to the pains of old age.   But there was a day I shone among the champions."

Homer, The Illiad, 23.715-719 (800 BC). King Nestor of Pylos.


Name:  J. Larry Grant,                   Mar 27,  2003


Sgt. J. Larry Grant
460th Field Maint. Squadron


Name:  Paul Schneider,                   Mar 23,  2003

Comments:  I am Paul Schneider, formerly in the USAF and stationed at Tan Son Nhut Airbase, in 1963 ( Feb to November ).  I was an Air Traffic Control Radar / Radio Electronics Technician; operating and maintaining the GCA Radar located at the end of the runways ( in 1963 ).

I am seeking more information on the " combat " role of the US Military in 1963.

I do recall my sergeant telling us ( me and other airmen at the radar unit ) to get the carbines ( 30 cal ) and load em cause we were expecting to be overrun by V C.

The only thing we could do of course ( being exposed as we were ) was to lie down prone and aim in the direction where the VC would probably be coming from ( a water drainage thing ).   The attack did not materialize ( thankfully ) but I still think about this incident to this day.

Anyone having more info. on " combat " of the military during 1963 please drop me a line.


Paul Schneider


Name:  Tan Son Nhut Association Reunion                  Mar 13,  2003
URL:  http://www.tsna.org


Event:  Tan Son Nhut Association Reunion 2003
Location:   Fredericksburg, Virginia
Date:  Thursday, April 24, 2003  through  Sunday, April 27, 2003

Comfort Inn, Southpoint
5422 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Fredericksburg, VA 22407
Fax:  540-891-2861

APRIL, 2003
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13 14 15 16 17 18 19
20 21 22 23 24 25 26
27 28 29 30


Name:  Lydia Mousner,                   Mar 09,  2003

Comments:  You have a wonderful web site -  it offers a great healing effect.

My husband, Sgt. Charles Hebron, was killed on Jan 31, 1968 during the Tet Offensive at Tan Son Nhut Airbase.  He was a member of the 377th Air Police.  I think he was in Bunker 51 - but I'm not sure anymore.  He was in the bunker that was first attacked and all but one airman was killed.

I remember that he called me the Friday before the attack.  My prayers and thanks go out to all of you who served during those years.

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  I will send you a lenghty and private email.


Name:  Dick "Scar" Hart,                   Mar 07,  2003

Comments:  I was pleasantly surprised to find a Tan Son Nhut Association while surfing the net.

I was at Tan Son Nhut in 1963.  We were an advisory team of 23 airman and pilots and 3 RF101 voodoos.  The team was called project Able Mabel, but we called ourselves, "The Able Mabel Voodoo's".  It was a six month TDY from the 18th Tac Fighter Wing, home base was Kadena, Okinawa.

The only other Air Force units was a squad of C-123 transports called, "Project Mule Train."  And a lone Recon.  A26 with a crew of 4.  We helped maintain that aircraft also.   And a Army helicopter company call The Dirty Dozen.

We lived in a small tent city between a cemetery and a sewer ditch.  I remember the ditch very well.  We used it as cover during the first revolution on Nov.1 1963.

That's when the ARVN revolted against their President Diem and his brother Nhu.  There was a battle at the airport between the rebels and the loyalist troops.  And we were caught in the middle.  As bullets hit the side of the ditch we would move to other side.  We had to wade through the slim in the bottom of the ditch to get to the other side.

This went on all night, about 12 hours, until morning when we made our way back to the tents.  The battle continued and many times we were looking for cover as bullets hit the tents.

During those six months, we lost 1 C-123 and the A-26.  Eight dead total.  And the Able Mabel Voodoo's had 3 wounded from VC sapper attacks.  I was one of the wounded when the VC stretched a cable across a road.  It hit me in the face.

If there are any Able Mabel Voodoo's out there I would love to hear from them.


Scar ( my Vietnam nick name).


Name:  Bruce G. Bennett,                   Mar 03,  2003

Comments:  Found this great site today.  I was in the 69th Sig Bn 1969 / 1970.  I worked in the Comm Center on the UN1004 at MACV HQ and the 360 20 at DNA, and the MACV def force and the Classified burn.  Would be nice to hear from any that I worked with.

Bruce G. Bennett


Name:  Susan Fountain,                   Mar 03,  2003

Comments:  My husband was at Tan Son Nhut, 1967 - 1968, in the 377th Security Police Squadron.  He found this web site and wanted to send his name in.

Have you heard from anyone named Gregg Briggs, a friend of his there?

My husband's name is Jim Fountain from Indianapolis, IN.


Susie Fountain


Name:  Barry R. Card,                   Mar 03,  2003

Comments:  Hello, My name is Barry R. Card and I was a door-gunner with the Razorbacks during TET.  We were the ones who blew the S#& out of cholon and worked out around the Racetrack.

My crew chief(s) were Johnny Sweeten and Rick Beatle.  We all made it out of that hole.


Name:  Charles Penley,                   Feb 27,  2003

Comments:  I just received an email from Frank Amalfitano.  In it, he speaks of sending a Military Support Package to our active duty military, that are in harms way.

It is an excellent idea.  Although I have been supporting a service member, I would like to ask everyone who reads this email to do likewise.

Here is a small list of items that active duty personnel will need:

1.  Small US Flag
2.  Ink Pens
3.  Crossword puzzle
4.  Paperback book
5.  Magazines
6.  Deck of playing cards
7.  Chewing gum
8.  M&M's
9.  Band-Aid
10.  Toothpaste
11.  Toothbrush
12.  Beef Jerky
13.  Flag on a stick
14.  Flag decal, stick on type
15.  Pringles potatoe chips
16.  Writing paper
17.  Personal Letter of Support
18.  Hard Candy, individually wrapped
19.  Hand Soap
20.  Disposable Razors
21.  Shampoo
22.  Tissue
23.  Hair brush (Female personnel)
24.  Hand lotion
25.  Personal hygiene items (Female personnel)
26.  Items that will not melt

Thanks go out to Frank Amalfitano


Name:  Vernon D. Scriven (SSgt),                   Feb 26,  2003

Comments:  Seeking information and contact with other members of the 90th Replacement Battalion at Tan Son Nhut 1965-1966. After 37 years my unit has been activated and I am on my way to a new endeavor.  Would like to reconnect with old friends.  Formerly SP4 E4 Vernon D. Scriven.

Your assistance is appreciated.

SSgt Vernon D. Scriven, Supply


Name:  Charles Penley,                   Feb 24,  2003

Comments:  I just received a decent photograph of Col Billy Jack Carter, Commander, 377th Security Police Squadron, Jul 1967 - Dec 1968.  I placed a thumbnail of the photograph on the Chief, Air Police web page.  Please check it out:   http://users.chartertn/cepenley/chief/index.html


Name:  Chieu Van Phung,                   Feb 21, 2003

Comments:  To all members of 377th Air Force Police Squadron.

My name is Chieu Van Phung, former VNAF Colonel.  In 1968, I was a Major, Cdr. of the Defense Group of 33rd VNAF Wing, of Tan Son Nhut Air base, and Deputy Commander of TSN Sensitive Area under LTC Cuong Kim Luu, Commander.

I remember, Colonel Peebles was Cdr. of the 377th USAF Support Group, and LTC Carter, Cdr. 377th Air Police Squadron,at that time.   There were 18,000 Americans on base, and I met many of you every day around TSN air base or in the Joint Defense Operations Center (JDOC).

It brings back to my memory of the VC General Offensive of Jan 31, 1968.  the VC did exploded the mine field and the perimeter fence close by the Bunker O-51, they also destroyed that bunker occupied by USAF Air Police by hand grenades.  And they continued to progress through, toward the direction of aircraft parking south, belonging to the 33rd VNAF Wing.

They (VC) were held by the combined VNAF and USAF 1st line defense forces, until, I came out with the Armor 24, platoon tanks to re-enforce the 1st line defense.  By our strong counter attack, VC had no chance but to withdraw out of TSN Air base.  They left behind 187 dead bodies and many weapons.

On the VNAF side, we had two (2) killed and four (4) wounded, that included Col. Cuong and myself.  It was the first (and only) unforgetable ground battle that USAF and VNAF has encountered at TSN air base.

I would like to hear from all USAF men that had worked and fought with us at TSN air base.  Myself, I appreciate all of the USAF members that helped us to protect TSN Air Base.

-----I would like to know about Col. Peebles and Capt. Holliday.-----   I would very happy if any one can help me.-----

Contact me:
E-mail:  lienpham11243yahoo
This is My daughter-in-law's e-mail.

Special thanks to retired CMSgt. C.E. Guynn that gave me this HTML.


Name:  Charles Penley,                   Feb 17,  2003

Comments:  Larry Mayes, I appreciate your message below this one.  I have known for a long time that the USAF Security Forces had an award with Col Carters name on it.  It is known as the, " Col Billy Jack Carter Award. " that is given to one SF member who distinguishes themselves at various installations.

Charles Penley


Name:  Larry Mayes,                   Feb 17,  2003

Comments:  Charles, And boy was that guy a gentleman!!  I cross trained into the Security Police upon return from TSN in 1970 and Billie Jack was the “detailer” for SP officers and came to brief us on career field issues during our Security Police Office Basic Course.  We developed a close “once served at TSN” bond that stayed between us until his death.  I had the pleasure of being the first SP Basic Course graduation guest speaker at the Carter Center at Lackland AFB and later spoke at my own son’s graduation from SP Tech School … the Carter Center is a place Billie Jack would love … thanks for remembering.

Larry Mayes
Colonel, USAF (Retired)


Name:  Charles Penley,                   Feb 17,  2003

Comments:  Although I have known for several years, that LTC Billy Jack Carter, Commander, 377th Security Police Squadron during the TET Offensive, January 31, 1968, had passed on, I have finally learned of his resting place.  It has brought some long sought after peace, to my heart.  Rest In Peace, Sir !

To the gentleman who kindly gave the information to me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Charles Penley


Name:  Jim Turner,                   Feb 12,  2003

Comments:  I worked in MACV J-6 Comm. Ctr. from Mar 67-Mar 68 and would like to hear from anyone that may have been there at that time.  I was also awarded the Joint Service Commendation Medal on Feb 14 1968 at which time an official photo was taken of the ceremony and I was to receive a copy but was not long before I left country so did not receive.   The General Orders Number for the awards was 327. Dist. of the award went to Dir of Pers, Dept of Navy, etc.

I would really like to have that photo if possible, would mean a lot to me, sure it is filed somewhere, just looking for a place to start looking if someone could tell me where to start.  I also went back to Saigon in 91 and really enjoyed the trip and hope to go back again.

I would certainly appreciate any assistance or would like to here from persons who were at MACV HQS at same time as me.
Thanks very much,

Jim Turner
Proud US Navy RM2 Vietnam Vet


Name:  William B. Pope,                   Feb 12,  2003

Comments:  I served at Tan Son Nhut from 68 - 69 as a 377th Security Policeman and on the Quick Reaction Team (QRT) teams.  It was my honor to do my part to serve our country.

I'm still trying to make it back home but so far I haven't reached my goal.  I made it back to Charlotte, NC.  But it is not home any more, not the one I left behind.  When I left for Vietnam for some of you, you know the hell I'm talking about.  I know with God's help, someday I'll make it.

I take my hat off to each of you, and say a little word of thanks to you.

God Bless each and everyone of you.


Name:  Gary E. Branson,                   Feb 12,  2003


Gary E. Branson (Whale)
377TH CES (Fire Dept) 67-69

Gary B.


Name:  Charles Penley,                   Feb 11,  2003

Comments:  I have been trying to find a blueprint or possibly a government source that would show the layout of the two-story wooden barracks that we lived in, during Vietnam.  Does anyone have one or know a source?


FROM THE WEB MASTER:  It is our pleasure to introduce our newest Tan Son Nhut Association Members:

1.   Lazzara, Charles P., 377th Security Police Squadron
2.   Mootz, Timothy, 377th Security Police Squadron
3.   Stickley, Dale W.,


From EVERY MEMBER of the Tan Son Nhut Association:

In Memory of the Columbia Disaster:  Feb 1, 2003, 0900 hours ( EST )



FROM THE WEB MASTER:  Phil William, emailed me one page of the 377th Security Police Squadron, Central Security Control Blotter, dated 5 May 1968.  I have HTML coded it and placed it on the CSC web page at URL: http://users.chartertn/cepenley/csc/index.html


Name:  Steve Cycyk,                   Jan 29,  2003

Comments:  I was stationed at camp gaylor on Tan Son Nhut airbase from 1970 - 1971.  This unit was called HHD Signal Support Agency Saigon.  I was told this was 69th Signal at one time and after I left it was renamed back to the 69th signal.

Any comments?


Name:  Steve Thayer,                   Jan 26,  2003

Comments:  Thanks for all the help on the rocket strike.  Tom would you know how to get the medical records from the small infirmary by the BX?

I got stabbed by a South Vietnamese soldier, in the left bicep, it was a very deep wound.  I wonder if any of the medic's would remember sewing me up at night, around June of 1970.  Could you pass this on to the Tan Son Nhut Association.

Charles, I am glad you made it back.  Charles I was in the 69th Signal Bn, Cable Co.  If anybody remenders me getting stabbed at the bon-bon bar next to heliport.

My name is Steve Thayer and I work at the radio site call, "Octopus."  You can't find much on the 69th anywhere.  We was straight down the road from the Bx.  We were the last company on the right hand side, before the Main Gate, leading into Saigon.  I think it had a track for running across the street from our compound.

I'm looking for information on an orphanage that collasped around July 1969 to Dec 1969.  My sergeant in the cable company took us to this orphanage an we dug these kids out with our bare hands.  I remember digging down in the busted concrete and re-enforceing rod and finding all these dead kids and I couldn't do nothing about it.  I remember at the bottom of the pile, we found this little girl and she made it.  I see these kid in my dreames all the time.  If anybody rembember this e-mail please.

Thank you for everthing

Steve Thayer


Name:  Lawrence I. Caine,                   Jan 26,  2003

Comments:  Good day.  My name is Lawrence I. Caine.  I go by Larry.  I was stationed with the 16th TAC RECON SQD at Tan Sun Nhut from Nov 66 - Dec 67.  I was a crewchief on the RF-4C Phantom.  The last three numbers of my bird was 058 and it was next to the last revetment on the flight line towards the flight tower.

Like many of the other comments that I just read on this web page, I have never heard or seen any of the other members of the 16th recon sqd.Would like to hear from some other's who served with the 16th.  I now live in WV.

Larry Caine


Name:  Steve Thayer,                   Jan 23,  2003

Comments:  I was in 69th. Sig Battalion from July 69 to Jan 71:  would anyone have information on a rocket strike at Tan Son Nhut on Dec 19, 69.  It may not be the exact date ) but I think it's correct.  It hit the Radio and Cable Co-Signal Support Agency.

Thanks for any information that anybody might have

Steve Thayer

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  Steve, please go to the 377th Security Police Squadron Chronology of VC/NVA Attacks on Tan Son Nhut at URL:   http://users.chartertn/cepenley/vcnva/index.html

There you will see the answer to your question.


FROM THE WEB MASTER:  Please let me introduce you to our six new Tan Son Nhut Association Members:

1.  Amalfitano, Frank 377th Security Police Squadron, K-9 Handler
2.  Augeri, James Company A, 69th Sig. Battalion, MACV (Volunteer with 377 SPS)
3.  Calenberg, Gerald E. Hq. 7th Air Force (DXI, Radio/Tape Branch)
4.  Fridinger, Charles R. Jr. 377th Civil Engineering Squadron
5.  Little, Thomas M. Hq. 7th Air Force (USAF Intelligence Division)
6.  Wilson, Craig C. 16th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron


Name:  David E. Koopman,                   Jan 11,  2003
URL:  http://www.qsl/wb0ydi/award.html

Comments:  Have you heard about the Vietnam Cross of Gallantry? Please check out an update to my web page for information, if it is some thing you haven't heard of.

Your Friend



Name:  Joseph Potter,                   Jan 08,  2003

Comments:  Hi, my name is Joseph (Joe) Potter , I was stationed at Tan Son Nhut from the 5th of January till the 7th of December 1966.

I was first assigned to the 309th Air Commando Sq., on my arrival in Nam.  Then spent the month of May "66" with the 377th Air police as an augmentee.  I stood guard at the transit ammo dump on the C-130 row next to the photo mapping wing office and in the tower over looking the truck junk yard.

Then on July 1st, I was assigned to the 12th Air Commando Sq. (Ranch Hand) till I left on December 7th 1966.  Three days after some of the Air Police were killed in a VC raid into the base.

I was suposed to move into the Police barracks for the month, so I would get the wake up call, but elected to say in my own (Tilton Hilton #3) that was ok till I over slept one morning and was late getting to the armory and got my a-- reamed and read an artical 15?  Then sent by a Sgt Pierce to see his NCOIC, a Sgt Hancock, and as it turned out Hancock and I were neighbors in Waltham, Ma., and we ended up having a few beers and reminiscing about our home town and getting drunk.

So much for an a --  chewing.  ha ha.

Lots of Memories there,

Joe Potter


Name:  Sam Deeter,                   Jan 07,  2003

Comments:  I was a crew chief on the RF-101 Voodo, 45th Tac Recon Sq , from Aug 1968 through Aug 1969.  I haven't had any contact from anybody I knew while in country.  I really am glad I found your site, it brings back a lot of memories.  I now live in Bradford Pa.

Thank you

Sam Deeter


Name:  Tom Little,                   Jan 04,  2003

Comments:  Also just ran across this site to day, Jan. 3, 2003.  I was stationed at Tan Son Nhut from June 1967 to June 1968 assigned to 7th Air Force Command Headquaters, 7th Air Force Intelligence Division.  Look forward to someday revisiting this most interesting country and the base too, if possible.

Enjoy your site.

Keep up the good work.

Tom Little


Name:  Ted Neher,                   Jan 04,  2003
URL:  http://www.equineappraiserok/

Comments:  I was a ground crew chief in the 360th during the above dates.  My aircraft was 42-24300.  I have not seen or heard from Anyone I served with since, with exception of Don Conklin, as we also served in Germany after Nam.


Name:  Ralph Purcell,                   Jan 03,  2003

Comments:  Only today have come across this site, 3 January 03.

I was at Tan Son Nhut from 09-01-68 to 15-01-69, then sent to Maxwell AFB, Alabama AWC.  If any of the guys from 7th AF DIT see this, please drop me a line.

Ralph Purcell


Name:  Jim Augeri,                   Jan 02,  2003

Comments:  Greetings, I just happened across this web site today.  I was stationed at Tan Son Nhut from June 68 to July 69 with the 69th Signal Battalion.  I will be looking over the site as time permits over the next several days.   What I have seen so far is pretty impressive.

I'll be back in touch after I've had a chance to look around a bit.

Jim Augeri
Albuquerque, New Mexico


Name:  Jim Stewart,                   Jan 01,  2003

Comments:  The First 377th Security Police Squadron (Unit Reunion) will be January 30, 31 & Feb. 1, 2004, in Albuquerque, NM.  All former 6220th, 6250th and 377th Air Police and Security Police are invited.

Can you put a notice on the Tan Son Nhut Association web site in a prominent place?

Any questions can be forwarded to me.

Jim Stewart


Name:  Robert S. Fritzius,                   Jan 01,  2003
URL:  http://www.ebicom/~rsf1/

Comments:  Hello!  Enjoyed reading through the recent Tan Son Nhut comments.

I was at DCA-SAM at Tan Son Nhut Oct 70-71.  (Was a Navy troop working in long lines communications engineering.)  When I could steal the time, I would hang out at the Tech Control, which was just north of our building.

I was a former enlisted electronics technician and enjoyed getting closer to the electrons.  Our staff was mostly Army and Air Force with a few Navy troops thrown in for seasoning.   (Both of us!)

Happy New Year!

Robert S. (Bob) Fritzius
Lieutenant, USNR Retired


FROM THE WEB MASTER:  As the Year 2003 begins, it is our pleasure to introduce our newest Tan Son Nhut Association Members:

1.   Bellis, David B., USAF Security Police, Saigon Evacuation Team
2.   Duvall, William D.
3.   Franz, Darren, (Life Member) 4th Bn., 9th Infantry Regiment (Alaska)
      Nephew of Louis H. Fischer (377th SPS) killed Jan. 31, 1968 TSN 0-51 Bunker
4.   Gehring, Charles J., 16th PPIF and 12th RITS (Photo Recon)
5.   Granducci II, Joseph S., VN Abn. Div, Detachment 162, MACV Advisory Team
6.   Hayes, E. J.
7.   McKegney, Dan, 1876th Communications Squadron
8.   Parker, Fred, 460th Field Maintenance Squadron (RF-4C aircraft electrician)
9.   Shultz, Gene, Detachment 1, 460 Tac Recon Wing
10.  Stinson, Timothy M., 7th AF Combat News, 377 CSG
11.  Stonehouse, Robert C., 377th Supply (POL)
12.  Williamson, David,
13.  Woodward, William C.


Name:  Charles Penley,                   Jan 01,  2003

Comments:  Happy New Year to one and all !!!


FROM THE WEB MASTER:  As you can see this is an updated version of the Tan Son Nhut Association web page.  It's your forum to voice, things that are on your mind?  What are your thoughts about Tan Son Nhut or Vietnam?   What would you like to discuss in this forum?  What do you want to share with the members of this association?  Please remember that we are a family friendly web site and keep it fairly clean.

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