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       April 13, 1966
  Viet Cong Shell Tan Son Nhut Air Base
       April 14, 1966
  Viet Cong Shell Tan Son Nhut Air Base
       April 22, 1966
  Air Force Police Describe Actions During VC Attack
       December 9, 1966
  Sentry Dogs Flushed Out Armed Foe
       May 10, 1967
  1.  Movies Popular Pastime In RVN
  2. Tan Son Nhut Picks Top Junior Officer
  3.  Someone Else's Grandpa Takes On Weighty Problems
  4.  Unclaimed Bags Pile Up At TSN
  5.  Airmen Organize 1st U.S. Soccer Squad In RVN
  6.  Recon Hoopsters Capture Tourney Laurels At TSN
       August 9, 1967
  1.  Airlift Mishap Rate Takes Big Nosedive
  2.   Husband, Wife Team Up In Civic Action Effort
  3.   MIG Killer Plans Bombing Strikes To North Vietnam
  4.   Provider Crewmen Fight 50-Ton Day
  5.   Rebuilding Burned Homes Called 'Finest Civic Action'
  6.   Gas Station Kept Busy
  7.   U.S. - Thailand Crewmen In Unique Partnership
  8.   Noncom Association Holds TSN Meetings
  9.   CSG Drops Grid Pair, Slips to 5th Place
  10.   Jinx Gone As Spikers Post Win
  11   AF Sentry Dog To Become Symbol Of Professionalism
       November 1, 1967
  1.   Airlift Crews Set Tonnage Records
  2.   Congrats!
  3.   AF Rescuemen Save 309 Lives This Year
  4.   Jolly Greens Take Albatross's Duties
  5.   TSN Installing New Comm Center Gear
  6.   1876th Tower Controller Saves Disabled Aircraft
  7.   Tan Son Nhut Offers Variety In Instramural Sports Program
  8.   24 Teams Join Base Hoop Play
  9.   Instruction, Practice, Airmen End Water Safety Course
  10.  19th ACS Finishes 123K Phase In
       September 24, 1969
  1.  New War on Dope in Vietnam, Dogs' Noses Sniff Out
  2.  SPs Get Larger Network
  3.  Shadow Men Aid Local Orphanage
  4.  Bowland Honored For Recon Flight
       October 29, 1969
  1.  45th TRS Opens 1st Photo Shop
  2.  NCO Thinks Fast, Prevents Accident
  3.  Chief Controller Wins Degree
  4.  Totem Pole Provides Chief's Extra Incentive
  5.  Automatic Digital Network, Comm Unit Uses AUTODIN
  6.  Stops at 7th AF, RAAF Chaplain Tours RVN
  7.  Sergeant Wins Emblem Contest
  8.  General Sees 460th
  9.  Stop Policemen 7-0, Tan Son Nhut 'Big Red' Scores Again
       April 15, 1970
  President Honors 377th Security Police Squadron
       June 17, 1970
  1.  Former Ops Chief Is Vice Commander
  2.  R&R Officials Cite Problem 'Greenback' Currency Controls
  3.  FAC's Gallantry Saves Reconnaissance Team
  4.  Allied Artillery 'Rains' At Fire Base David
  5.  Berliners Reminisce At Reunion
  6.  Venerable but Formidable, Shadow Improves With Age
  7.  Mississippi State Angel Flight gives Children Clothes, Toys
  8.  Refresher Training Updates VNAF Communications Man
       July 01, 1970
  1.  Risk Lives For VNAF Pilot, 4 Mechanics Win Airmen's Medal
  2.  General Buckner Takes OPS Post
  3.  SAC Unit cited For Heroism
  4.  HH-53 Plucks Men From Enemy Hands
  5.  Tri-Service ATCO - Everybody's Ticket Home
  6.  Combat Airlift
  7.  Purdue's Angels Spark Friendship With TSN Men

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