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Comments:  Please take your time to read what others have written here and enjoy the messages or suggestions that friends have left on our web site.  We would like to hear what your comments are.  If you are a former member of Tan Son Nhut, Air Base, or passed through the base, we especially need to hear from you, today.

Name:  Morris Goldberg,                   Dec 31,  2001

Comments:  I was in the 84th Engrs, D Co., in Qui Nhon, on my rotation to the states I was sent to Tan Son Nhut for procession out of country.  A buddy of mine, had saved me a bunk in his houch.  Which may have saved my life, that night we came under mortar attack.  The center was overcrowed, and there was no bunks, so much of the troops where left to the tents, in an open area of the compound,6 or 7 men died that night, so many wounded.  Thanks to Tommy Johnson, I can write this letter.

Morris Goldberg

Name:  Joseph Pfister,                   Dec 28,  2001

Comments:  I got in-country December 1969 and was attached with day flight Base Police.  I was later reassigned to the 69th Consolidated Military Support Squadron (MACV), working out of a house at 181 Tru Minh ky, Saigon.  SSgt Graff was my supervisor.  If you were there, I'd like to communicate.  It seem's the 69th didn't exist.

Name:  Richard H. Pickens,                   Dec 28,  2001

Comments:  I was an intelligence officer with the 16th TRS at Tan Son Nhut from Nov 1965 to Jan 1967, and was also there for the first (mortar) attack on the base and some later (B47 rocket) attacks as well.

During the first attack the ramp around the RF4Cs in the squadron was an inch deep in JP-4, and we were very lucky it never caught fire.   As it was, one aircraft lost the tail section and another had a hole in the wing, so they swapped tails to get one flyable aircraft.  Often wonder how the maintenance guys kept the books straight.

I had an assignment to the 45th TRS at Misawa AB, Japan, after Vietnam, but in the summer of 1966 that squadron came to me instead, so I wound up with the 315th Air Division at Tachikawa instead, often flying with the C-130 missions around Vietnam.

Memorable years indeed.

Name:  Dan Grace,                   Dec 28,  2001

Comments:  Surfing the net, trying to gather info for a VA claim.  Was at TSN two tours of TDY from Misawa AB with the RF101Cs.  In 439th FMS at Misawa.   Tours were:   Jan - Mar and June - Nov 1965.  A records request yielded no TDY orders and one Travel Voucher for latter tour, but I need more paperwork for DVA.  I now live in Australia in a climate just like TSN!   Any old ABLE MABLE blokes who might be willing to help, please do.

Good on yer, mates

Dan Grace
45th TRS Det
TSN 1965
Darwin, Australia

Name:  Steve Robbins,                   Dec 26,  2001
URL:  http: http://www.geocities.com/afvn/robbins.html

Comments:  I was a navy radio/TV broadcast engineer flying NC-121J Blue Eagle aircraft assigned to Project Jenny/VXN-8 Detachment Western Pacific at Tan Son Nhut.

We flew airborne television broadcast missions for AFVN and THVN (govt of South Vietnam broadcast service).

I arrived at TSN in Jan of 1966 and broadcast the first television in country in Feb of 1966.  We were there in April 1966 for the first attack on TSN where all three of our Blue Eagle aircraft were damaged on the flight line.  I completed my first flight tour in Sept of 1966.  I returned for three more flight tours 1967 - 1969, but these were flying airborne PSYOPS radio broadcast missions for SOG out of DaNang, although I frequently visited our main offices at TSN.  Photos of the Blue Eagle aircraft at TSN and DaNang are shown at the URL in my signature block below.

Steve Robbins, RMC(AC), USNR, Ret.
Project Jenny / VXN-8 Det WESTPAC
Airborne Radio/TV Broadcast via NC121J aircraft
Blue Eagle III (131641) / Saigon 66 / AFVN-THVN TV
Blue Eagle I (131627) / DaNang 67-69 / PSYOPS Radio

Name:  Bill Katsones,                   Dec 21,  2001

Comments:  Please post this picture that was taken the same night Ralph Ward's picture(already posted) was taken.  Here are a few names to fill in Ralph's blanks:  Bill Katsones, Duck, Ski (Lipinski),Bob McCoy.



Name:  Bob Licciardi,                   Dec 10,  2001

Comments:  Great Web Site!

This is for the Tan Son Nhut Association Web Page.

Robert P. Licciardi, A1C E4 USAF, Det 1, 45th Tac Recon Squadron (PACAF)

I was at Tan Son Nhut for over a two year period, from 1964 to Dec 14, 1966 and I took my separation in Viet Nam and flew to Tokyo where I attended Sophia University for four years on the GI Bill.

I was in Det 1, 45th Tac Recon Squadron (PACAF) and was an Aircraft Mechanic.  At first we were originally based in Misawa and our people would rotate every three months down to VN, so I was at Tan Son Nhut on and off and then our squadron finally got permanently based at Tan Son Nhut.  I had five months left to go in the service and spent that time in VN.  I was the first one to leave VN from my squadron.   While I was there, the base was attacked and the first mortar hit a ground power unit that was standing between the two RF101 Voodoos I was assigned to take care of.   I was on mid shift and both of the birds came back without any pilot write-ups (highly unusual as something was always out of wack and needed attention).  Also unusual was that my Sgt. came along and checked the forms and finding no write-ups said I could "make my break," also unusual since they usually wanted us to stay until the replacements came at the next shift that ended at midnight.  I left at about 10:30 and got back to the barracks and hopped into the shower and heard the first motar hit my ground power unit ... at about 11pm (Not exactly sure of the time) I looked towards the runway and saw a tower of flame coming from my reventment.  If I had been there I would have been right near the MD-3 ground power unit and my name would have been on the black wall in Washington D.C.  I will never forget it.  I was so impressed by the Army guys, they jumped into their Huey Gun Choppers and were in the air over the runway so damn fast, firing their 50 caliber machine guns with tracers loaded every 5th round, and from where we were standing it looked like a solid neon light from the choppers to the ground.  When they released the trigger you could make out the individual tracer rounds as the fire tapered off.  We were standing on the barracks roof cheering them on while Puff the Magic Dragon was dropping parachute flares to light up the runway.

I had two other close calls, I was dating a pretty VN girl who would not go out with me without a chaparone who was her girlfriend.   After a great dinner and a lot of dancing in Saigon, her girlfriend had to get home and she lived in the rice paddies just outside Saigon.  The cab stopped on a dirt road and Chi (her name) wanted to go to the farm house to say goodnite to her parents, I wanted to go, but she wouldn't let me, so I waited in the cab with the driver.  While she was in the farm house, some truck lights appeared behind us down the road and the cab driver started babbling Vietnamese and pushing me down onto the floor of the cab.  I managed to sneak a look at the truck as it went by and could see it was canvas covered and the back was open and I could see two rows of legs with kaki trousers and feet in sandals.  When Chi got back I asked her what all the commotion was about and she translated what the cab driver said, that we have to be careful because there were a lot of VC moving around at night.   I told her "let's get outta here!"  We went to her sister-in-laws house whose husband was a Vietnamese Navy officer who patrolled the Mekong and he told me in English, that the VC can get the kakis but they can't get the boots, so if you see kakis with sandals, chances are they are VC.

Another close call.  The day came for my discharge in VN and I got a letter of permission from the first Sargeant to stay in the barracks until my flight came in.  I went to Saigon and had some civilian clothes order made at a Chinese Taylor to take to Japan with me.  When it came time to pick them up I went back to Saigon which was to be my last trip there and coming out of the taylor I hailed down one of the hundreds little blue and yellow cabs and told the driver Tan Son Nhut.  I was soon aware he was not taking the route I was framiliar with and we were heading out of Saigon.  I could no longer see any military nor White Mice (VN police).  I kept telling him Tan Son Nhut and he was trying to distract me asking if I wanted "number one girl."  He pulled up and stopped on a little island surounded by rice paddies and there was a building there and only two trees standing.  He pulled the keys out of the ignition and jumped out of the cab and headed straight to the building ... my heart beat was racing and addrenalin pumping sensing the danger I was in and looked around entertaining a ridiculous thought of grabbing my clothes and climbing one of the trees to hide in hoping they wouldn't look up when "they" came back out.  I had heard the rumors that went around of VCs posing as cab drivers to pick up a GI to get information before an attack, and that was all I needed was to make it through the Viet Nam War, and then get captured while I was a civilian.  Just then another cab pulls up going in the opposite direction, a young girl in Ao Dai gets out and pays the cabbie, I grab my stuff and run over to the cab and jump in and repeated VC, VC!  He wanted to overcharge me for the rate back to Tan Son Nhut and I agreed.  When we got back to the main gate I told the U.S. Army MP about the incident, but never got the guy's license number so, there was nothing he could do.

I often wonder would would have happened to me, if that other cab didn't come along.  We were young, in excellent shape, and never so alive as we were being so close to death.  Thanks for the wonderful web site ... It definitely makes me feel that someone appreciates us.

Bob Licciardi

Name:  Clyde H. Queen,                   Dec 08,  2001

Comments:  Greetings,

I was surprised to find this Web page, but glad to see that it exists.

Although I was not active duty military, I served at Tan Son Nhut with the RMK-BRJ Co., a Naval Contractor.  I was an Investigator with their Security Department, and my office was located on the back side of the Airport.

As I recall, a VN Army Major by the name of Thieu ran the Base, and every VN civilian that worked for us, was related to him. (It was the only way we could hire anyone, they had to be related to him.)

After about a year, I moved into the main office downtown Saigon at #12 Thong Nhut, at the corner of Thong Nhut and Tu Do Streets.  While in Saigon, I lived in a villa on Ha Ba Trung Street, just off Cong Ly, in the Hhua Din Province.

Ahhh, many, many memories  . . . .

Clyde H. Queen, Sr.

Name:  Bill Marras,                   Dec 07,  2001

Comments:  My name is Bill Marras, I was at Tan Son Nhut from July 1966 to June 1967, I believe, have to check my DD214 for the exact dates.  I was an E-3 in the Air Force and a jet engine mechanic.  We were the VOODOO Witch Doctors and worked on RF-101's.  I also did some work on Phantoms and a couple of converted black Canberra boomers that were used for night recon.

Reading through these entries I get insights to Tet that I didn't have when I lived through it.  Us mechanics were not allowed to have weapons on a regular basis (good thing) during Tet.  It may not mean much after thirty years but my thanks to the Air Police and all the other troops who kept us mechanics safe.

Is there a place that I can see a map of the entire base?  No rush to respond.

Name:  Richard W. Lindbeck,                   Dec 05,  2001

Comments:  Was in country at Tan Son Nhut from June 1965 to June 30, 1966.   I have some of the issued papers I received regarding local data and subjects.   Let me know if you would like a copy for the Reventments or a future paper.

I am now a retired Sergeant from the Wisconsin State Patrol after serving 29 years there.   Retired 1 Jan 1998.  Now am a gunsmith at a local gun shop.

Hope to hear from you soon, Dick

Richard W. Lindbeck
West Bend, WI 53095

Name:  Dick Starke,                   Dec 04,  2001

I have severe COPD and have great difficulty in breathing so I am sorry that I will be unable to attend the 2002 reunion. My thoughts will be with you however. I wonder if anyone can help me find my roommate, Major Gordon Welling. I am in touch with my back seater Allen Peacock in VA. Dick starke

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  I have just now updated the REVETMENTS section of the web page.  In addition to the December 2001 article there is an excellent surprise below the REVETMENT article.

You will need to go to URL:   http://www.tsna.org/revetments/index.html

Name:  Bob Fleming,                   Dec 01,  2001


I was stationed at Tan Son Nhut from April 1966 - April 1967.  At the 377th TFW (Jet Engine Mech).  I was there during the first attack on the base.  I plan to join the Association shortly and attend the 2002 reunion.

Bob Fleming

Irwin, PA 15642

Name:  Keith W. Lowrey,                   Nov 26,  2001

My name is Keith Lowrey and during this time frame I was assigned to the Air Rescue Group HQ at TSN from May 1967 to May 1968.  I was a Major at the time and served as a Operations Support Officer (Navigator) etc.

I have marked the site and will get back to you.  I, like all the others, vividly remember the events of Jan 1968 and the rocket attacka in Feb.  That evening ended my stay in one BOQ behind the VNAF Catholic chapel and resulted in my moving to the "Momyer Kennels" near the main gate.  My daily route took me by the SP formation in the late afternoon and still remain the respect and esteem I held for the those individuals then and now.

Good show.

Keith W. Lowrey, Col (USAF)Ret.

Name:  Bill McDonald,                   Nov 23,  2001

Comments:  My name is Bill(Mac)McDonald and I served with the 377th Security Police Squadron,at Tan Son Nhut, from Aug 1967 to Mar 1968.  Until I was re-assigned to Nha Trang AB with numerous TDYs over the last 5 months including Bien Hoa, LBJ ranch (on the outside) and Hon Tre Island.  An army radar post located between Nha Trang and Cam Rahn Bay.  I was stationed at the TSN Main Gate, the night of the 68 TET offensive.

I remember deploying at the main gate in a 6 pack (small covered pick-up truck) and as we hit the ground, I could feel the impact of the rounds hitting the ground around me and kicking dirt in my eyes and up my nose.  The weapons fire was coming from the top floor windows of a hotel directly across from the Main gate.  It was eventually silenced when either some ARVNs or Korean ROKs repelled off the roof top and took them out with frags.

The rest of the night was total caos for me and my next clear recollection was lying in a trench along some main road and watching some army tank battalion rolling in.   That was the first time I closed my eyes in 32 hours ...... Does anyone know What tank battalion that was?  I sure felt good when I saw those guys show up.

My condolences to the friends and families of my fallen brothers at Bunker 0-51


P.S. I'm enclosing a poem I wrote in attachments.  I hope you use it somewhere, Thanks Charles.  I'm also looking for a good email address for Christina Sharik author of "Caskets at Tan Son Nhut."  You see , I took that picture and there's a funny story about that event that I think she would appreciate

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  Bill McDonalds Poem that he mentions in the email above is now posted at URL:   http://users.chartertn.net/cepenley/stories/index.html  It is called, "Brothers Of The Blood."

Name:  Dennis Marvin,                   Nov 22,  2001

Comments:  Great Site ... brings back memories good and bad ...  I was a USAF Surgical Tech ... TDY to Tan Son Nhut from Loring AFB, Nov 1965 to May 1966 ... worked mostly at the 3rd Field Hospital ... Do you have any listing for Medics, would love to run across some old buddies .... Thanks again and Welcome Home ...

A2C Dennis Marvin

Name:  Bob Need,                   Nov 22,  2001

Comments:  Oh, Charles, I'm so sorry to hear about Olbert.  We must have talked a couple of dozen times since he joined.  We were looking forward to meeting at the reunion.  He has sent me so many interesting things about the 377th.   I join you and other Security Police members in offering a sincere prayer for this brave comrade.

Peace, my friend,


FROM THE WEB MASTER:  377th Security Police Squadron member passes away -- Olbert Hiett, passed away today Nov 20, 2001.  He will be at:

H.M. Patterson & Son Funeral Home
1157 Old Canton Rd.
Marietta, GA 30068


Viewing will be Friday evening Nov 23, 2001 at 6:30 p.m.. at the funeral home.  Services will be on Sat. Nov 24, 2001 at 1 p.m. at:

Johnson Ferry Baptist Church
955 Johnson Ferry Road
Marietta, GA 30068


Name:  David A. Popwell, MSgt,                   Nov 20,  2001

Comments:  I recieved several e-mails within hours of my last post, I will reply at work tomorrow to them.  The name was presented to AFMC/SF at a brief today at 1330, he took the copies of the e-mails and accounts looked at them and said "Camp Fischer it is".   More to follow!!!  Thanks again!  One way we can repay our heros.

David Popwell MSgt USAF
"Camp Fischer"
Eglin AFB FL

Name:  David E. Koopman,                   Nov 17,  2001
Email: davidkoopman@hotmail.com
Comments:  I would like to post this message thanking Charles Penley for giving me a copy of his valuable Tan Son Nhut map for my web page.  You may check out his map at this URL:   http://www.qsl.net/wb0ydi/maptsn.html

David E. Koopman

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  David, I am always glad to help a fellow member of the Tan Son Nhut Association whenever possible.

Charles Penley

Name:  David A. Popwell, MSgt,                   Nov 16,  2001

Comments:  Hello, Great site!  We are standing up a Ground Combat Regional Training Flight here At Eglin AFB.  I want to name the site Camp Lewis H. Fischer in memory of the warriors of Bunker 051.  Anyone having any information please e-mail me here at the office or at my home  We want to show the young and future SP's a part of the legacy they are a part of.  Any and all information will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

David A. Popwell, MSgt
Eglin AFB, FL
Comm: (850) 882-6173
DSN: 872-6173

Name:  David E. Koopman, bsp;                  Nov 10,  2001
URL:  http: http://www.qsl.net/wb0ydi/vietnam.html

Comments:  My name is Dave Koopman and I was stationed at Tan Son Nhut from Sep. 1967 through Sep. 1968.  I need a map of TSN showing the south west 1200 area and the BX area.  My hootch was 1245.  Can any one help me?


Dave Koopman

Name:  Jeff Waller,                   Nov 09,  2001

Comments:  My name is Jeff Waller.  I was stationed at Tan Son Nhut from May 1969 to June 1970.

I started out on "A Flight" but I later moved to "B Flight" security.  I don't remember too many names.

Sometime just before Christmas, we received incoming rockets that hit the Helipad.  I was injured from the blast, but I went on a QRT that night any way.  I didn't know that I was hurt bad.  When we came in the next morning, I collapsed in front of the barracks.  Two guys carried me to the hospital.  I don't remember them.  I was in the hospital for 10 or 15 days.

I had shrapnel in my hands and an injured back.  I returned to duty with no problems.

About two years later, I started having trouble with my back again.  When I sent for my medical records, the incident is not in there.   If anyone can remember this, please let me know.  I had to retire from my job because of this problem.  The VA has give me the run around with this.

Thanks for any help I can get,


FROM THE WEB MASTER:  Gentlemen, let's see if we can assist this veteran.

Jeff, please check out the following URL:   http://users.chartertn.net/cepenley/vcnva/index.html
The attack number that you need to know about is # 258.

Attack number 258
Year 1969
Month 12
Date 19
Hour 0241
Base Tan Son Nhut
Type Stand-off (STO)
Rounds 004
US Losses Aircraft DESTROYED 000
US Losses Aircraft DAMAGED 000
US Losses Casualties KILLED IN ACTION 000
US Losses Casualties WOUNDED IN ACTION 005
RVN Losses Aircraft DESTROYED 000
RVN Losses Aircraft DAMAGED 000
RVN Losses Casualties KILLED IN ACTION 000
RVN Losses Casualties WOUNDED IN ACTION 000
VC/NVA Losses Casualties KILLED IN ACTION 000
VC/NVA Losses Casualties PRISONER OF WAR 000

Name:  Richard Comerford, bsp;                  Nov 05,  2001

Comments:  I was stationed at Tan Son Nhut from Aug. 1972 - March 1973, actually left on March 29th, the last day.  I was a weapons safety officer at HQ 7th AF/377th ABW.

Whereas the latter part of 1972 was pretty intense with a number of rocket and mortar attacks, the last few months were spent as "hostages" for the peace negotiations.

The wing held frequent softball games with free food and drinks to keep morale up.   March 29th was pretty sporty as fewer and fewer of us were left in Camp Alpha.   I left on the next to the last C-130 out and the last was right behind us.

Richard Comerford

LtCol, USAF (Ret.) (Then a 1Lt)

Name:  VETTMAN93@aol.com, bsp;                  Nov 05,  2001
Comments:  I need any pictures that show the barracks with the bomb shelters next to them, similar to the one I am attaching.  I need to prove that these barracks were on Tan Son Nhut AFB for a claim I have pending.  Thanks in advance to all my brothers.

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  VETTMAN sent the web master a photograph showing some wooden barracks.  Adjacent to the barracks was a conex that was sand-bagged into a bunker.  Can any assist him with a photograph.

Charles Penley

Name:  Floyd W. Cox,                   Nov 04,  2001

Comments:  21st TASS APR 1972 to July 1972.  I worked in the periodic dock for the O2.  I left on July 27, 1972.  My worst remembrance of Tan Son Nhut was that Bubbles, our dog, that had traveled from Bien Hoa to Pleiku and finally to Tan Son Nhut was run over by a truck.  Would anyone have a copy of the Stars and Stripes front page where he was featured while leading in a "freedom bird" to it's parking spot at Bien Hoa?  Just wondering.  I'd like some information about becoming a member if you don't mind.

Floyd W. Cox,MSgt (Ret)  USAF

Name:  Bruce McManus,                   Nov 01,  2001
Comments:  I am looking for anyone that was TDY from Clark AFB in the Phillipines from the 29th TCS to Tan Son Nhut AFB during 1967.  I am esecially looking for the airman that lost part of his hand while playing with a hand grenade blasting cap.  I need these contacts to support a claim.  I am also in need of how to find the archive flight records of C-130's during that same period at Tan Son Nhnut and if the manifest list still exist.


Airman First Class Bruce McManus

Name:  Salvatore Negro,                   Oct 31,  2001

Comments:  First let me say you have a great web site.  It is ironic how I was introduced to it.  This evening I received a phone call from the past.   It was Gary Swelander, a fellow Air Force radio operator who was assigned with me to the 1876th Comm Sq, Tan Son Nhut AB from 1967 - 1968.  I hadn't heard from Gary or talked with him since he left TSN thrity three years ago.  He said he tracked me down via the internet and wanted to tell me about this great site.  I have read all of the stories that are posted on this site, and they brought back a lot of memories.

I was the NCOIC of the MARS (Military Affiliate Radio System) station on Tan Son Nhut AB from Jan 1967 to Jan 1968.  It was our job as the Net Control Station to not only run "phone patches" from personnel of all branches of the service to to their loved ones in the CONUS, but also to insure that all the other MARS stations in country operated likewise.   I am happy to say that during that one year period the MARS stations throughout Vietnam completed thousands of phone patches, thanks to Senator Barry Goldwater (AFA7UGA), and the Collins Radio Company of Cedar Rapids Iowa.

I am attaching photos of the 1876th Comm Sq, MARS Station as it appeared in 1967, and some of it's personnel celebrating Christmas 12/25/67.  The station was located directly across from the Heli-port.

The guys in the picture are:

Back Row Standing Left to Right:

A1C Center
SSgt Connell
SSgt Negro (Me)
SSgt Gutowski

Front Row Kneeling Left to Right

Sgt Work
Sgt Miller
Sgt Campbell

I hope to hear from some of these guys or anyone else who was with the 1876th or who may have used the MARS facility during that period.  In the mean time GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

Salvatore Negro (WA2VCX)
CMSgt, USAF Retired

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  See the photographs mentioned in the email at Tan Son Nhut Association web page, Photo of the Month.

Charles Penley

Name:  John R. Howell,                   Oct 31,  2001


Comments:  My name is John R. Howell.  I was at Tan Son Nhut from Oct thru Dec of 1968, during which time I went to Danang for 26 days around Thanksgiving.   While I was at TSN I worked on the C-130's as an electrician for, Det 1 834th Air Division.  I worked for the 315th Air Division Route Support Traffic while at Danang.   I am trying to find documentation and or pics that will confirm that Danang was mortored, attacked and over run sometime during Thanksgiving of 1968.  I am also trying to locate Steve Hamer, Tom Robbs and Ron Seckler who also served there either at the same time or around the same time.  Steve and Tom worked with me in the electric shop at Clark Air Base form 68 thru 69.  Ron was at Danang with me, he worked in the jet engine shop.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


John R. Howell

Name:  Misti Anderson,                   Oct 29,  2001

Comments:  Hi.  I am signing the Guest Book.  I am just checking out this site.

My Dad, Jerry Ingalsbe, served on Tan Son Nhut from 1967 to 1968.   He was there for the TET Offensive in 1968.  Vietnam is a part of my Dad's life that I will never be able to understand because it is something that changed him very much and that he is not able to talk about a lot.

Lately he has started feeling more comfortable discussing things.  I know that it had a tremendous effect on my Dad's personality.  I am sad that he had to go there, but I am very proud of his bravery and willingness to serve his country when called upon.  I hope our country learned a lesson from Vietnam, but I wonder with what happened in Somalia, about supporting our troops where ever they may be.  We must always stand behind our military ...  and our government shouldn't send them into places that they don't mean to be successful in their mission.

I hope we will keep this in mind as we have already sent our military over to Afghanistan and elsewhere.  Two other men stationed on Tan Son Nhut were Mel Grover and Bernie DeNisio.  These men and my Dad have remained lifelong friends, bound by experiences too terrible to mention.  Thankfully, something great and wonderful came out of their service ... Friendship.  I have known these guys all my life ... they are the brothers my Dad never had.  I have a great picture of them and will try to scan it and send it to you to add to your photos.

Thank you,

Misti Anderson

PS - You have my Dad's name spelled incorrectly under your Officers section.  It is there as Englesby, but it should be Ingalsbe.


FROM THE WEB MASTER:  The web master has placed on the Tan Son Nhut Association, the proposed TSNA Constitution.  Please go to the Main Page and scroll down until you see the appropriate paragraph.

We will need as many members as we can, to vote either "YEA" or "NAY."

We need your participation.

Charles Penley

Name:  TSgt Tracy Huff,                   Oct 27,  2001

Comments:  Greetings from Lackland AFB, Texas.

It brings me great pride to pass along the minute by minute playback, minus the smells and sounds, of the fatefull evening that Bunker 051 was overtaken and Tan Son Nhut AB was partially overran, to all Staff Sergeants within our great career field.

I am now, and have been for more than a year, an instructor at the Security Forces Craftsman Course (7 Level) and we use this historic and courageous battle as one of the only motivational presentations we present.   History is something we don't offically have in our course, but we instructors believe it to be too important to ignore.  We play the video of Sgt Coggins awarding of the Silver Star and Purple Heart, here at "Carter Hall", and we have a power point presentation that goes over the battle and has excerpts of the radio transmissions.  I have been an instructor at Ground Combat Skills (the old ABGD), the SP Apprentice Course and the SP Basic Officers Course, for the last 6 years, and I can tell you when this story is revealed the positive responses are overwhelming.  Air Police, Security Police, and Security Forces of the past ........ remember this ...... you will never be forgotten.

The bond of the Blue Beret will live on forever.  God Bless what you have done and God Bless America.

Very Respectfully,

TSgt Tracy Huff
Instructor Supervisor, 1*
342nd Combat Training Squadron
Lackland AFB, Texas

Name:  Ray Beaupré,                   Oct 27,  2001
Comments:  Just saying hello.  I was a CPT/MAJ with the 3rd RRU/509th Group at Davis Station from Feb 1966 to Feb 1967.

Ray Beaupré

Name:  Ed Weimer,                   Oct 27,  2001

Comments:  My name is Ed Weimer, and I was either stationed at or passed thru Tan Son Nhut many times during TDY and PCS tours with the US government in Vietnam.  Two tours were in Pleiku in the Central Highlands (1967 and 1969-70).  I also served with DOD at MACV Headquarters 1972-73 with duties as a liaison to the 509th Radio Research Group and the US Embassy and, in 1974-75, as a DAO advisor to the ARVN Special Security Technical Branch.   My living quarters were at the Massachusetts BOQ, BOQ One, the Duc Hotel and a townhouse on Don Dat Street in downtown Saigon.

I can recall the drives to and from TSN from downtown could be quite exciting thru the streets crammed with cyclos, motorized pedicabs, bicycles, motorbikes, autos, trucks and just about anything else with wheels!  The bar scene around the base was also interesting:   How many remember names like the VNAF Club on TSN, the My Linh on Cach Mang Street and Steve's back in an alley off Cach Mang?

Sadly, I still remember how my last tour concluded.  All of our ARVN counterparts sensed it was near the end, and my co-workers and I had trouble facing them.  As Pan Am 842 lifted off TSN on April 15, 1975, I wondered what fate held for the "Little People" and their families when North Vietnamese troops would finally prevail.

Within two weeks, it was all over.  The Communists marched victoriously into Saigon.   I learned later that very few of our Vietnamese friends got out--thanks to poor planning or indifference by the US government -- and that many of them spent from two years to 14 years in North Vietnamese prison camps.  Some died from the cruel treatment, but, when I visited in 1993, I was able to locate a small number of them.   To my surprise, they held no ill will.  The Bier 33 flowed freely!

I've been privileged to read some very touching stories on this website.  As you can see, my memories of Vietnam range from very good to very bad -- probably just like most of you.  Hopefully, the website will endure and produce more guys (and gals) coming out of the woodwork with additonal stories of their Vietnam experience around the airbase.

SPECIAL REQUEST:  I've been asked by a Vietnamese friend here in Maryland to try to locate a GI who reportedly left Vietnam in October, 1969. His name is John L. Jones, RA ????????.  A photo shows him to be about 21 years old, glasses, a mustache and dark hair combed straight back.  He had a girlfriend named "Mai" and is said to have been stationed or lived in the TSN area at "Dodge City - MACV - Room Number 206."   The source believes he is from California, but his serial number prefix "16" indicates he enlisted in either Illinois, Michigan or Wisconsin (I have gathered a long list of "John L. Jones" addresses and phone numbers from the Internet, but I thought I would try this avenue first).  Any info you can provide would be helpful.  Thanks much.   Please respond to pho007@aol.com or SaigonEddie@yahoo.com .

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  The web master removed the complete RA number and replaced it with the ???????? marks.  The RA number is something to be kept private!

Name:  Louis Fuentes,                   Oct 17,  2001

Comments:  My name is Lou Fuentes.  I was stationed at Hq and Hq USASGV at Tan Son Nhut, 1963-1964.  I was the armorer and also worked downtown Saigon in the supply depot.

Name:  Joel Martin,                   Oct 14,  2001

Comments:  Great Web Site.  Don't know why it took so long for me to find.  I was with Det-19, 9th Air Postal Squadron from Feb 1966 until Feb 1967.   If you bought stamps or mailed anything during the first half of this year, I probably saw your face.  I have never heard from anyone else from the APO on any web-sight, so if you are out there, give me a shout.

Joel Martin

Name:  Louis Fuentes,                   Oct 10,  2001

Comments:  Hi! I'm Lou Fuentes.  I was stationed at at Tan Son Nhut 1963  - 1964.  Looking for any of the guys from Hq Hq. that might rmemeber me!!!   Danny Brant, Tommy Winchester, Bob Baker, Shorty Rensel, Larry Prescott, Lou Patti or any of that bunch that got drunk EVERY night!!!!!  Also, looking for a WO/4 Clem Womack who flew with UTT.  Would like to know how life hasd treated everyone!!!!   Thanks for the website

Name:  Matt Bellia,                   Oct 10,  2001

Comments:  I came across your web page accidentally while searching for information on Camp Gaylor.  My complements to the officers of the TSNA and especially to the Webmaster.  You have created an outstanding site and should be proud of your accomplishments.

I was a member of Alpha Co., 69th Signal Battalion, 2nd Signal Group, 1st. Signal Brigade from June, 1966 to June, 1967.  The Battalion HQ along with "A Co." enlisted barracks was stationed at Camp Gaylor on Tan Son Nhut but our signal sites were throughout Saigon, Long Binh, Nha Trang, and Can Tho.

I remember serving with an outstanding group of men, officers and enlisted, during that time.   It didn't take very long for a green 2nd Lt. to learn that the best place to be was as close as possible to one of the experienced warrants or non-coms and listening closely so as to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible.  I truly believe that I served with some of the best non-coms in the Army, unfortunately time has erased most of their names and faces.  However, there are always some like our Company "Top", 1st SGT Maples, and my platoon sergeant, SFC Medford that made such an impression that I'll never forget them.   Our BOQ was downtown Saigon at the Kai Minh (sp??) and I remember the drive through the city to "fin de Pasteur" to get there.

Many thanks for creating this great all-inclusive forum for all of us to share.   Anyone who has memories of the 69th Signal Battalion who would like to share them, I'd be happy to hear from you.

Matt Bellia

Name:  Charles Engel,                   Oct 01,  2001

Comments:  I spent a few day there, TET 1968.  I was with the 105MM Art. Btry, that were at the end of the freedom bird strip.  Our mess tent took a hit from a 122mm rocket and the Air Force brought us a new mobile kitchen the next day.   Thanks guys.


Name:  Truman Christopher,                   Sep 29,  2001

Comments:  My name is Truman Christopher and I was stationed at Tan Son Nhut from August 1966 to August 1967 with the 8th aerial port squadron orderly room.  I have tried many times to seek info on how I could obtain a morning report from this squadron to see if I could get in touch with some of the guys I was stationed with.  So far no soap.   Maybe someone out there can guide me in a direction in obtaining this info.   Your web page is great and I look forward going to it each time remembering all the sacrifices that everyone made in this effort.  I want to take this opportunity to say, WELCOME HOME BROTHERS AND SISTERS, AND MAY GOD BLESS EACH OF YOU .......

Name:  J.B. Swindle,                   Sep 27,  2001

Comments:  I stumbled into this while using the net to help me remember how to spell Tan Son Nhut.  I was in the 460th FMS so I lived right up the street from you guys.  I wonder if any of you guys remember the 45 foot tall water tower adjacent to the ground power shop just off the flight line.  I used to climb up there at night, BS with the SP, and often watch Long Bihn burn.

Best regards,

Jay B Swindle

Name:  J.R. Daughetee,                   Sep 25,  2001

Comments:  It was great to find this web site.  It has brought many memories.  I was stationed at Ton San Nhut from June 1969 - June 1970.   I was assignedto Golf 5 (V 100).  It would be great to hear from any one from these dates.  I left the Air Force in 1972 and am now with the U.S.Tennessee Valley Authority Police as Administrative Lt. and Communications supervisor.

I am now with the US Coast Guard Port Security And have been recalled to duty for attack on our country.

Name:  Bill Lemons,                   Sep 21,  2001

Comments:  My name is Bill Lemons.  I was stationed at Tan Son Nhut Air Base (7th Air Force Headquarters Personnel "Awards and Decorations Div.") from Sep 1969 thru Aug 1970.  No hero report from this vet but was in a situation where I was able to read and admire the vets who put their life on the line from day to day.  Would like to hear from any who would read this and remember our unit as a dedicated group and were very close.

Name:  Bernard C. Gifford,                   Sep 17,  2001

Comments:  My name is Bernard C. Gifford and was stationed at Tan Son Nhut, 377th Securtiy Police Squadron from Feb 1967 to Mar 1968.  The best outfit of my 21 years of service.

My first assignment was with the OJT portion of training.  A little office behind the armory.  A TSGT Crewy was in charge and we also had a SSgt Celoni who work in this portion of training.  I might say that we had the best OJT section in all of Vietnam.

One testing cycle (5 and 7 level) we tested 568 Security policeman and all passed but two.  A letter from the Air Force stated that no one had tested as many with the outstanding results.  We had only 8 exams and had to shuttle 8 troop at at time to the test site.  Lt Tucker (now retired Col) was the officer in charge, along with Maj Bender, Ops Officer, Lt Col Carter , Commander.  The next thing I know Crewy went on flight duty, and soon I was in charge of all training.

During TET, I was assigned to Army 1.  This group is like augmentees and when the VC hit we were some of the first to respond to where the VC were coming in.  Me with 28 days left.

Read the book, Battle for Saigon, TET of 1968, by Mr Nolan.  It will tell the rest.  I am interested in hearing from anyone that was there at that time.

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  SSgt Gifford, I was there during TET 1968, with you.  I was stationed with the 377th Security Police Squadron, Charlie Sector, Night Shift.  I was at Charlie Sector, "Special Post 1", which was the intersection immediately adjacent to Central Security Control.  It was an M-60 position to protect the Security Police checkpoint that was directly adjacent to CSC and the last checkpoint just prior to gaining access to the airfield.

I will send you a private email in a few minutes and would like to, "Wish you a Happy Birthday," that you had this past week.

Name:  Tan Son Nhut Association,                   Sep 14,  2001

Comments:  Comments:  From:  Robert Need, MSgt., USAF (Ret.) Public Affairs, TSNA.  I have been asked to forward the following request from John Peele, Executive Vice President of the Tan Son Nhut Association, who urges all recipients to "please" respond.  He just received this on the Internet.

Friday night, September 14th, at 7:00 p.m. step out your door, stop your car, or step out of your establishment and light a candle.

We will show the world that Americans are strong and united together against terrorism.

Please pass to on to everyone on your e-mail list.   We need to reach everyone across the United States quickly.


Thank you.

We need press to cover -- we need the world to see.

Name:  David E. Koopman,                   Sep 08,  2001

Comments:  Comments:  I notice in the chart on your 377th Combat Security Police Web Site that you have listed zero U.S. casualties for attack number:   098 68 05 06 0616 TSN STO 010 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000.

Just for your information there was at least one casualty and he was Jerry Fish, one of our TSN Association members.

Best Wishes

David E. Koopman

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  David, thanks for the update and assistance in helping keep the information accurate on the 377th Security Police Squadron web page.  An addindum was placed on that particular web page.

Name:  Gerald R. Clark,                   Sep 04,  2001

Comments:  Hi, My name is - Gerald (Jerry ) R. Clark -  Overton , Texas.  377TH Combat Support Group ( PACAF ) POL - Oct. 1966  - Oct. 1967, Tan Son Nhut Air Base.

Enjoyed your web site very much.   Would love to be a member of this association.

Thanks for your web site


Name:  Gerald R. Clark,                   Sep 04,  2001

Comments:  Hi, My name is - Gerald (Jerry ) R. Clark -  Overton , Texas.  377TH Combat Support Group ( PACAF ) POL - Oct. 1966  - Oct. 1967, Tan Son Nhut Air Base.

Enjoyed your web site very much.   Would love to be a member of this association.

Thanks for your web site


Name:  Rick Jackson,                   Sep 02,  2001

Comments:  My name is Rick Jackson, from Southern California.  I was surfn the net and I found this web page.  Man did it bring back alot of memories or what!!  I served at Tan Son Nhut from March of 1968 to March 5, 1969 in Base Law Enforcement.  I had many duties starting from humping the little gurard shaks (looking for Tide soap) to a guard at 7th AF Head Quarters to humping the Main Gate to Desk Sergeant in the Base Police Office.  I remember typing the blotter with 8 or 11 carbon copies.  I only remember one name out of all my buddies and that was Frank Villamore from San Francisco.  I would sure like to hear from anyone who was there the same time as me....


Rick Jackson

Name:  Ralph Ward,                   Sep 01,  2001

Comments:  I again visited your site, it is growing, however I as of yet have not recognized any one's name from when I was there.  There is always tomorrow.   I was with the 1876th an air traffic controller working in a facility that gave aircraft information on traffic, artillery, giving them vectors from one place to the other and handing them off to the appropriate radar facility.  I often think of those I met there.   I am from Kentucky and was there from December 1968 to December 1969.  I have sent you a few stories about Tan Son Nhut and Saigon before.  My name is Ralph Ward, email, attached is memories.

BY Ralph Ward March 2, 2001

I set here looking at this small thirty plus year old picture in front of me taken in 1969 at Tan Son Nhut AFB, Vietnam.  I remember all the faces that are fixed in time staring back at me but I can only put one name to one of the faces, Bob McCoy.  I really liked Bob and have thought of him many times over the years.  Why him and not the others?  I really don’t know.  The others, now looking at them in the picture, I can remember the sound of their voices, how they laugh and cried, but their names escape me.  We were just a bunch of young kids, most of us away from the ones we loved for the first time.  When someone got good news from home, they would read it out for all to hear, when my son took his first step, I had to tell everyone.  You get to be like one big family, yes even in the not getting alone end to.  How I wish I had kept some kind of record, their names, where they were from, but I didn’t.  I would like to ask them how everything was with them.  I wonder if they are all still alive, I hope so.  I hope life has been good to them especially in love and family.

Name:  Peter E. Davies,                   Aug 31,  2001

Comments:  For Tan Son Nhut association Web Page.  Dear Sirs, I am an established aviation author currently working on my twelfth book, a study of the F-100 Super Sabre.  This will follow several other books on Vietnam-era aircraft, including the F-4, B-52 and F-111.  I am trying to establish contact with anyone who served with the 481st TFS or 416th TFS on the F-100 during those units' time at Tan son Nhut in 1965-67.   Please contact me if you can help.  All contributions will be fully acknowledged in the book.


Peter E. Davies

Name:  Don Barrows,                   Aug 30,  2001

Comments:  Hi, I was an Air Force Sgt (E4) stationed at Tan Son Nhut from December 1968 to December 1969 and was assigned to the 460th Recon Tech Squadron.  I was assigned to the Orderly Room as a Clerk and later on I was one of the NCOIC's in charge of the Classified Film Distribution Center.  I would like to hear from anyone assigned to the 460th Recon Tech during that time frame.  My time at Tan Son Nhut was a period of my life that I think about often.  I think the Association and Web page are a great idea.

Don Barrows

Name:  Tony New York,                   Aug 27,  2001

Comments:  I was stationed about one kilometer from Tan Son Nhut's main gate in 1970 and 1971 directly across from Third Field Hospital.  I was an Army type back then, working for a component of MACV, J-2.  Seeing your web site and the many photos brings back memories I thought were long gone.

May I say that it is the best damned "Sierra Hotel" web site I have EVER seen.  All the contributors, I'm sure, are most proud and some atta-boys should go to the folks who designed and who host this page.

Way to go, guys and gals.  Keep up the good work and may all your "blasts" be parties/reunions ... No more 107mm and 122mm rockets, please!!!

Thanks again for keepin' all our freedom birds safe!!!


Name:  John Hester,                   Aug 24,  2001

Comments:  Hi.  This web site is fantastic.  It has brought back memories, both good and bad.  I would like to find friends who where stationed with me at Tan Son Nhut Air Base.  My tour of duty was from May 1967 to June 1968.   My name is John Hester and was attached to Det. 1, 460th TRW.  I worked on the C-54 and our squadron had the White Whale attached to it.  I will soon become a member of this association and hope that more vets will follow.

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  The Tan Son Nhut Association would like to WELCOME our three new members to the Association.  They are as follows:

Homen, (First, Middle name unknown)
Johnson, Grove C., Commander, 377th Security Police Squadron, 1966 - 1967
Sommerfeldt, Jerry, 377th Security Police Squadron

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  I have not posted anyone's messages to the TSNA web page for nearly a week now.  The reason being is that I have been involved in a major automobile accident.  In which I was knocked out, with a concussion, two broken ribs and two damaged fingers on my right hand.  Numerous small cuts and abrasions.

I am now home recuperating and doing well and getting my energy back.  I will now keep the messages up to date once more.

Name:  Daryl L. Meloche,                   Aug 21,  2001

Comments:  Hi.  I was stationed there from Sep 1967 to Dec 1967.   I was with the 505 TCMS Det. out of Bien Hoa.  I was back there for a couple days in May of 1995.  In 1967 I lived in the big cement barracks right next to the radar dome.  Our shop was a Quonset hut over by the VNAF area.  I played some handball at the outdoor base gym.

I also spent a little time in Tan Son Nhut village on Tru Mahn Young and Tru Mahn Khe streets.  I later passed through TSN on my way back and forth from the Delta to Bien Hoa.  I love to get in touch with any of the guys from the 505th.  Please contact me with info about the TSN Assoc.   I am retired from the Air Guard.  I did only four years active.  Hope the hear from you.

SMS Daryl L . Meloche (Ret)

Name:  Bill Cummings,                   Aug 16,  2001

Comments:  I am trying to locate an Enrique Haro that was stationed at Tan Son Nhut on Feb 1967.  Henry was my room-mate at a state side base in the 70's.   By any chance would you have any information on Henry?

Bill Cummings
K-9 Brutus X321
635th Security Police Squadron

Name:  Howard Cross,                   Aug 16,  2001

Comments:  Nice site!  Brings back a lot memories.  I was assigned to the dispensary during November 1970 - 1971.  Seems like yesterday.  Suggestion for the site - build archive pages for your old photos.  That is assuming that you have enough space on your ISP's drives.   If you have old maps and the like, they could also be posted there.

Howard Cross
Bloomington, IN

Name:  John M. Adams,                   Aug 13,  2001

Comments:  Trying to locate:  Friends of Joey J Adams

Branch of Service: Air Force
Unit was: 7th Air Force
Where served: Tan Son Nhut
When served: 70-71?

Message is:  Looking for friends of my father Sgt. Joey J. Adams, aka."THAT DAMN JOEY ADAMS or WONDER BOY".  Dad passed away on the 2nd of July 2001.  If you knew dad and wouldn't mind telling me all about him and his job, unit and anything else you would care to share please write me.

John M. Adams
1771 Peach Circle
Hanford, Ca. 93230

Name:  Gary D. Ratliff,                   July 28,  2001

Comments:  Greetings!  I found your site while surfing the web and I enjoyed looking over the sites' contents.  My tour in Vietnam started in July 1965 and ended in July 1966, at Tan Son Nhut.  I worked for the 1964th/1876th group/ squadron in the command post communications center.

I have one hell of a story about a message that was typed by me with General Moore (2d Air Div/7th AF Commander) telling me what to type on-line that we sent from the command post communications center on 13 December 1965 to PACAF.

Later, I shall contact you concerning the 2002 Reunion.

Gary D. Ratliff,
CMSgt, USAF Retired

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  Gary the story you speak of above, sounds very interesting.  Please write the story and send it to Our REVETMENTS Editor:

Mr Robert Need
Suite 709, 330 W. Brambleton
Norfolk, Virginia  23510

Or e-mail him at:  hercules29@worldnet.att.net

Name:  Donald W. Smith,                   July 26,  2001

Comments:  My dad, Msgt William K "Bud" Smith USAF (Ret) passed away on 3 June 2000.

He retired from the USAF in Jan 1973.  He was stationed at Tan Son Nhut, in 1968 as a Tsgt.  With the 460th AEMS (PMEL Lab).

Although the National Archives sent me only limited records on his service, I know that he was there during TET 1968, and he re-upped Oct 1968 at, Tan Son Nhut.  He also served at Danang in 1972, as a Msgt in PMEL, although that is not recorded in the papers that I was sent.  I have copies of photos taken during both tours.  He also did some TDY at Cam Ranh Bay in 68.

What I'm looking for, is anyone that served with him, particularly, anyone that might remember his being wounded during his time in country.  He never received a Purple Heart for his wounds, even though I clearly remember seeing the pieces of shrapnel removed by military docs.  (Some was left in place due to it's location).

One of the men he served with in 1968 was Ssgt Spang (A Pima Indian).  He also wrote on one photo that Hanoi Hannah said that "Gen. Giap reportedly would be dining in Mess Hall #4 on 30 June 1968".  Dad wrote that "He got delayed".

If anyone can tell me about how my dad was wounded, and his wounds (Maybe the name of the doctor who removed the shrapnel) I'd appreciate it. Please E-mail me at:


Donald W. Smith

Name:  Stanley E. Hutchison,                   July 24,  2001

Comments:  Just wanted to comment on the good work on your web page.  I was hoping to find more personnel from HQ MACV but no joy.  Hard to find any of us MACV personnel.  Anyway, keep up the good work

Stanley E Hutchison
HQ, MACV AG-DP 1968-1969

Name:  Jim Stevens,                   July 23,  2001

Comments:  I was an in 460TRW intel shop from Aug 1969 to Aug 1970 plotting those recce packages with a great group of other kids.  Yeah we were kids.   Sweating like hell not to misplot a target sending a crew off to some other place in possible problems.  It was a really great bunch of folks to work with and play hard with.

I will always remember my two greatest heros from that time.  A great NCO, MSGT Collis Ivery who I later had the pleasure to work for in Germany.  A great example of what I wanted to be.  One of his sons serves today and recently made Lt Col.   Col Lovic T. Hodnett (I sure hope I spelled his name correct) was the DO and showed more leadership and concern for the troops.  He later went to some Scandinavian country and I believe passed away about 10 years back.

You have a great page and are really giving some of us a place to stop by and remember.  James Stevens

Name:  Pete ?????,                   July 23,  2001

Comments:  At last!  I have a plaque which was left to me when my Dad passed away and I'm trying to uncover its history.  It reads 12th TAC RECON SQ (Alone! Unarmed! Unafraid!) Black Birds.  A1C Thomas M. Wileen (my Dad) RF 4C Vietnam Dec 1966 - Dec 1967.  I have come across your site and wonder if anyone can help me with my quest for further information?  Top Site!!  Cheers, Pete.

Name:  Pete Doe,                   July 19,  2001

Comments:  Just a comment or two  ....  Received the CD's (The Battle for Tan Son Nhut) yesterday.  Have played through CD #1.  Love it.  I think you have done a remarkable job to improve the quality of the audio.   Must have been a tough job since what existed for recording equipment back then left a helluva lot to be desired.  Am anxiously awaiting to hear the remainder.

Thoroughly enjoyed the latest issue of Revetments.  Just a comment about membership in the 460th.  Anyone who was in the 16th TRS, 12th TRS, 360th TEWS, Det #1 45 TRS, FMS, RTS, AEMS,& HHQ were members of the 460th TRW.  God knows there were other units attached to the wing but unfortunately the sands of time have erased their titles.   It might prove interesting to build a wiring diagram of all the units at TSN.   Would take some work but believe the technology exists.

Please update the date of Larry M. Schoenhals passing on the members memorial page.  Larry passed away on Jan 6, 2001 and is buried in the town cemetery at Darrouzett, Texas.  The association owes it to Larry to update his passing.  It was he who introduced me to TSNA.

Press on folks.  You are doing well.


Pete Doe (aka Squatswitch)
ESC/AWM (Contr (HTI))
Hanscom AFB, MA 01731

Name:  Harold Robinson,                   July 19,  2001

Comments:  Hi, I think your webpage is GREAT!  I wish there was one like it for Da Nang.

I was assigned to the 834th Air Division at both Da Nang and Song Be from December 1969 to November 1970, as a ground radio operator.  I only spent a few days at Tan Son Nhut when things got "to hot" at Song Be.

Can you help me locate a current e-mail address for James D. Buckland.  The e-mail address that is shown on your website is not a good one.  I'm hoping you know how to get in touch with him.

Harold Robinson
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
MSgt., Retired

Name:  James Stewart,                   July 18,  2001

Comments:  377 SPS K-9 MINI REUNION

The 377 SPS K-9 Section will have a MINI REUNION to visit the War Dogs Memorial at Ft. Benning (Columbus), GA November 2-4, 2001.   All 377th SPS, K-9 people that I have an postal address for, should be receiving a letter from me within the next week.  If you are not sure if I have your postal address please contact me.

Jim Stewart
377 SPS K-9 Unit Director
Vietnam Dog Handlers Association

Name:  Debbie ?????,                   July 18,  2001

Comments:  YOU HAVE A GREAT WEB PAGE HERE.  I was just looking for someone whose POW/MIA bracelet I have been wearing.  (LTCOL Vincent Augustu Chiarello) I did see his name on your list.  I will wear this bracelet until I find a family member to give it to.  So if anyone knows please give them my e-mail address which is listed above.  Thank you all so much for this page.  GOD BLESS!!


Name:  James Keating,                   July 15,  2001

Comments:  Just visiting your site.  I was assigned to the 616th Military Airlift Support Squadron and was there from 1969 to 1970.  I will keep checking it out the site again soon.

James Keating

Name:  Austin J. (Joe) Hayes,                   July 13,  2001

Comments:  Nice site you have here.  I was stationed at Tan Son Nhut with the 1876th Comm Sq, working in the Orderly Room, right next door to the PAFCO Relay, during the period Nov 1967 thru Nov 1968.  I served with some great people:   Paul Seney, Charlie "Ho Chi" Mingus, Mac McKenzie, "Baby Hooey" Houston, "Pappy" Turner, Capt Richard Heck, Lt Col Robert W. Lally, James P. Dyer, ("Pappy's replacement), and Lt Col John W. Carson, (Col Lally's replacement)(I often think of Col. Carson; his son, John, a Marine 1st Lt, who was killed in an ambush, prior to Col. Carson coming over to take command of this great squadron.)  We had some "retreads" working with us also, (not to be taken in a bad way), Tom Gordon, Mark Snyder, and some dude whose name escapes me, who would spend a whole day shuffling a dozen recommendations for awards.  I had many good relations with other members of the squadron and I don't want to diminish their contributions, so I'll sign off with a pledge to join the TSNA and to wish all a "belated;" "Welcome Home!" and it was nice being associated with a such a fine bunch of people.  If any of you remember me, I can be reached via e-mail at: joehayes@erols.com .   Warmest regards and GBUA

Austin J. (Joe) Hayes, TSGT (Ret.) USAF
Hopewell, Virginia

Name:  Joe Thompson,                   July 08,  2001

Comments:  The site looks great!!!!!  I was at Tan Son Nhut, Air Base, RVN from 1971 to 1972, at the Fuel System Repair Shop, of the 377th CAMS.

Joe Thompson

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Bracken, Frank, 377th Security Police Squadron
Dickinson, Charles
Dixon, Donnie, 12th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
Dormon, William,
Gross, Michael,
Lawrence, Frank, 600th Photographic Squadron
Lemaire, James, 377th Security Police Squadron, K-9 unit
McDonald, William E.
Rabbett, Kevin,
Roberts, Jack W., 377th Security Police Squadron
Stein, Frederick A., 12th & 16th Tactical Reconnaissance Sqdn.s

Prendergast, Patrict T.  ( Life Member )

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Name:  Larry R. Rigdon,                   June 28,  2001

Comments:  Great Site!I was at Tan Son Nhut from May 1969 to May 1970 with 7th Air Force Directorate of Intelligence Operations.

Larry R. Rigdon

Name:  Ted Wright,                   June 26,  2001

Comments:  I always enjoy visiting your site, thanks Charles.  Ted Wright ( Tan Son Nhut 65 )

Name:  James Stewart,                   June 19,  2001

Comments:  Charles, I found another of our K-9 buddies from TSN days.  I have been looking for him for several years but had the wrong state.  In talking with a guy we were stationed with he told me that Cliff lived in California.  That's all it took for me to find him.  All of us have bits and pieces of info stuffed way back in our brains which can help locate our "OLD" buddies.  I use 
www.switchboard.com almost daily to find people.   I hope the people who read this will put more effort into finding friends from way back.  I can hear the wheels turning in a guy's brain when I call him and say "HI" after 33 years.  Lots of fun!  Jim Stewart

Name:  Frank Bracken,                   June 19,  2001

Comments:  I am Frank Bracken stationed with the 377th Security Police Squadron from Sept 1967 until Sept 1968.  I was initially assigned to Delta sector but volunteered and was selected for Gulf 1 SAT, that was my assignment, for the majority of my tour.  This included the TET Offensive of 68 on the West perimeter with the initial responding QRT.  Great web page and very accurate.  Have you ever found information on the Chinese Communist Army Officers that surrendered as the VC/NVA was stopped and started to fall back?  Maj Bender ordered them taken to JDOC for interrogation.

Name:  Pam Blackwell                   June 01,  2001
URL:   http://www.geocities.com/kyflaggirl/index.html

Comments:  Just wanted to tell you what a great page you have.  My father fought with the 1/4th Cav.  during the battle on 31st of Jan or 2nd of Feb.   Can't quite make sense of the dates in his letters home to my mother.  He was KIA Feb. 19th of 1968, during a battle near the water treatment plant.  This is my tribute page to him (See URL below my email address.)


Proud daughter of Eddie Sigler

Name:  Kathy Webb                   June 01,  2001

Comments:  Dear Sir, My dad was a C-130E Flight Engineer that was KIA on 12-20-65.   I have made contact with several veterns that were able to describe the events of his accident.  I am now searching for pictures of his squadron and aircraft.   If possible, I would like to post that info on your site and if you have any other suggestions, I would appreciate the info.

Thanks in advance,

Kathy Webb

Name:  Tim "Magoo" Butz                   May 28,  2001

Comments:  Missing from the Memorial Page are Richard Appelhans and George Clarke.   Appelhans was a pilot, Clarke a navigator, both assigned to the 12th Tac Recon Sqd/ 460 TRW.  They were on a mission in Laos on October 16, 1967, flying an unarmed RF4C and were shot down in Saravane Province.  They were both carried as MIA until declared KIA in 1973 (Clarke) and 1978 (Appelhans).  There were reports that Clarke had been seen by other American POWs, but not Appelhans.  Both names are on The Wall, Panel 28E, lines 14 (Clarke) and 15 (Appelhans).  Both were Captains, promoted after becoming MIA to Major.

Tim "Magoo" Butz
Crew Chief, 12th TRS

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  Tim, thank you for the update for our Memorial Page.  The Tan Son Nhut Association Memorial page has been updated as of your message.

Name:  Fred Stein                   May 22,  2001

Comments:  I was an aerospace camera tech from Nov 1968 to Nov 1969, with the 460th TRW / 12th and 16th TRS.  I was a "Phantom Photo Phixer" for the RF - 4C Phantom II's at TSN.  I was TDY to Phu Cat AFB from Dec 68 to about Feb 69, and I saw the Bob Hope USO show in Phu Cat.  Bob and his troupe were "only an inch tall" from my vantage point, being a boukoo distance from the stage, but the audio was wonderful.

I worked 12 hours a day on the flight line, and I sweat alot, and I was frightened occasionally.   I continue to be grateful for the SP's, and all the other troops on the perimeter etc who kept us relatively safe from Charlie during my tour in SEA.  I enlisted from Wisconsin in Dec 66 with my twin brother.  We completed boot camp in the same flight.   I stopped enroute from SEA to the world in Nov 69 at Aderson AFB Guam to reunite with him for a few days; it was a very enjoyable reunion!!

Today, my 21 year old son is a Security Policeman / Peacekeeper at Grand Forks AFB North Dakota.  He had been tdy tdy to Kuwait and is currently tdy to Prince Sultan Air Base, Saudi Arabia.  My family and I are very proud of him and we honor all veterans of all military branches who served their country with honor.  THANK YOU FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY TO REGISTER!!

Fred Stein

Name:  Fred Stein                   May 22,  2001

Comments:  I am registering on the TSN webpage. Frederick Stein, 201 Ridge Road, Albert Lea Mn 56007 I was at TSN from Nov 1968 to Nov 60. with the 460th TRW / 12th and 16th TRS .Thank you for this opportunity!!

Name:  Rick Knutson                   May 21,  2001

Comments:  I was stationed there from Aug of 1972 to Dec 1972, in the 377 CAMS.   Worked on C-130, C-54, C-118, O-2.  I was in the Nav shop.  I was there the on the 7th of Dec, when we had 72 rocket hit around 8 am.  Damage was done to the runway and some aircraft, also two GI killed form the shelling.  We also had the ammo dump at the river blow up with a couple day after this.  I was transfered to 432nd AMS at Udorn for the rest of my tour.  Rick

Name:  Gerald (Jerry) Sommerfeldt,                   May 15,  2001

Comments:  My name is Gerald(Jerry) Sommerfeldt.  I was a Sgt. in the 377th Security Police Squadron at the time of TET in 1968.  I was on a quick response team that morning going to the 0-51 Bunker.  I was manning the M-60 machine gun, and got hit very early on, (probably about 3:30-4:00).

To this day I am not positive what it was but it was either rocket or mortar shrapnel which almost passed through my body.   I spent the next 3 years in various hospitals, receiving my medical retirement in October of 1971.  I have never been able to talk with anyone that was with me during that time, but yesterday, my wife received a call from Major Carl A. Bender.

His was one of the few names I remembered from that night.  He told me of things I had no idea of.  I thought he took me to a dispensary in a jeep, but he explained that he had dragged me to the jeep with another man who had been hit in the arm.  He is still trying to find out who this is.  I have no recollection.  Major Bender told me the person who drove the jeep was actually Lt. Grover.  I can only recall being transported to 3rd Field Hospital in Saigon.  I was there for I think a couple of weeks, when they sent me to Japan, then back to Chanute Air Base in Illinois.   I have never known the real story of that night until I started looking around the internet and found all of this information about Tan Son Nhut and the Security Police.

Now I want to find out all I can, and try to find other airman who fought that night.  I can't tell you how I feel about Lt.. Grover and Major Bender.  I plan on meeting with Major Bender in the near future, as we do not live that far apart.  There is so much I want to know.  I would like to become a member of the Tan Son Nhut Association, and I am not sure how, but I would appreciate any information you can give me.  I am so glad to have found this sight and others like it.  Thank you for your hard work.

Jerry Sommerfeldt

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  Jerry, I am going to send you some information in an email to you.  The reason I am doing to back-channel is due to the length of what I am going to send you.  I woould also ask any other Security Policeman or Medical personnel that might have some knowledge to relate to Jerry, please do so.

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  In the May 2001 issue of "REVETMENTS," page 6, is a photograph and short article about the MACV Patch, 1968.   I have placed a color photograph in the Tan Son Nhut Association PX/BX folder.  Please go there and take a look and then order your authentic 1968 patch.

Name:  John Dyrek                   May 03,  2001

Comments:  Just found this site, I will have to check it out.  I was at Tan Son Nhut way back in 1962 - 1963.  I have a lot of pictures from those days.   MAYBE I'll get them on here someday ... ...John

Name:  Mike Mohr,                   May 01,  2001

Comments:  A number of guys have been asking me details of the POL facilities in the Tan Son Nhut area to help them find buddies they need to get ahold of.  Well here goes...  (I hope I have this right.)

There were two facilities in the area.   One was directly across from the airbase.  That facility was operated by 377th POL (USAF).  The second facility (closer to Saigon) was operated by the Petroleum Distribution (PD) Detachment of the 223rd Supply & Transport Bn (USA) and was under the command of the 64th QM Bn (PO).  To distinguish between the two, ask yourself if you saw a dusty white trailer on wheels to the right of the gate as you drove in.  If you did, that is the US Army (223rd S&T) facility.  If not, it was the USAF (377 POL) facility.  What made matters worse is that personnel from both facilities were barracked at Camp Redball.

III Corps and IV Corps US Army area command was even more confusing.  All POL distribution was under the control of 64th QM Bn.

- POL facilities were located at Long Binh (64 QM) and Tan Son Nhut (223 S&T).   - 64 QM ran pipeline from barge point at Dong Nai to Long Binh.
- Transport units were 47th, 512th, 518th, 537th, 538th and 556th.
- Tan Son Nhut POL Lab was detachment from Co A, 223rd S&T Bn.
- Long Binh POL Lab was detachment from 525th QM Co (PD), 524 QM Bn (PO) in Cam Rahn Bay.

All food distribution was under the control of 67th QM Bn and 3rd Supply Bn.

- Major distribution centers where Saigon, Tan Son Nhut, Long Binh, Bien Hoa.

All ammunition distribution was under the control of the 3rd Supply Bn.

- I know only of the 3rd Ordinance Depot in Long Binh, although others existed.

All other distribution was under the control of 223rd S&T Bn.

- includes 67th QM Bn supply depot in Long Binh
- includes 223rd Transport maintenance in Tan Son Nhut
- includes 64th Engineers maintenance in Long Binh

If your truck was a fuel tanker, and it said "PETRO-MAIN", it was under the command of 64 QM Bn.  Anything else, your guess is as good as mine.

Name:  Mike Mohr,                   Apr 30,  2001

Comments:  You and your comrades are to be commended for your excellent portrayal of the events in and around Tan Son Nhut AB.  I was stationed with 525th QM Lab Det, 64th QM Bn (PD), Long Binh during the period 22 July 1967 - 18 Apr 1968 and would occasionally relieve lab staff at the 223 S&T Bn (POL) facility.  I was not aware that things heated up around Tan Son Nhut earlier than Long Binh.  Our earliest contact in Long Binh was 10 Feb 1968 when the VC attempted to blow up 3rd Ordinance Depot.  We had one short round fall just outside the 64th Bn tank farm for which we got a written apology!?!   I guess petrol was a golden commodity about then.

Name:  Jim Downey,                   Apr 23,  2001

Comments:  I just viewed your web site and thought it was great.  I'll be sending in my membership.  I also have some photos that may be of interest to some.  I was assigned to the 377th Field Maint. Sqdn. July 1965 to Jun 1966.  Again thanks for the web site.

MSgt Jim Downey
USAFR Retired

Name:  John Fox,                   Apr 21,  2001

Comments:  I was stationed at Tan Son Nhut in the 377th Security Police Squadron from 12/15/70 to 3/31/71 (after a previous 18 mos at Tuy Hoa).  For the most part I was day shift Quick Reaction Team (QRT) on the flightline, but I worked several other posts, also.  I recall that in that time (probably January) there was a helicopter crash just off the parade grounds (across from the water tower).  It was a twin engine huey that had just dropped off three guys at Camp Alpha for their R&R.   All four chopper guys (Army) died in the crash.  Does any one else recall that incident?

Name:  Kenneth Morton,                   Apr 20,  2001

Comments:  Nice arrangment on the web page. I was assigned to the 460th TRW, in Tan Son Nhut Oct 1996 to Sep 1967.  How do I join?  Ken Morton

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  Please go to the bottom of this page and click on the button that says "Application".

Name:  Mike Koval,                   Apr 19,  2001

Comments:  I just found your site.  I was stationed there in 1970-71.  USAF 360th Field Maintenence A.G.E.  Would like to hear from some of the old AGE Rangers.  Mike Koval

Name:  Wayne Newman,                   Apr 17,  2001


I just want to sign your guest book before I started looking.

Thomas Wayne Newman
Bien Hoa 1970-71

Name:  Art Rodgers,                   Apr 16,  2001

Comments:  I arrived in Vietnam in Oct 1968 and started working on Alpha Bunker - One, with two other airmen.  I was later selected to Heavy Weapons sector which provided support for base perimeter positions.  I drove an Armored Personell Carrier (APC) with two M-60 caliber machine guns and a cache of ammunition for bunker resupply if needed.  With us at night, would be a quad-50 unit and V-100 units.   During my tenure, there were two APC units which patrolled during the night hours.   One of the V-100 units had a mini-gun mounted, which was a little unusual and generally attributed to " Puff the Magic Dragon ".  I believe Heavy Weapons came into it's own after the loss of life during TET, Jan 1968.  Having started out working the bunkers myself I felt a certain committment to those guys.  In hindsight, it was an honor to work with the best young men the air force could offer.

Name:  Charles Penley,                   Apr 05,  2001

Comments:  The email from Mr Doe was important, for the knowledge that he had to offer was indeed important.  However, I never received the information on these men until April 05, 2001.

Name:  Pete Doe,                   Apr 05,  2001

Comments:  Gents:

This is the third and last time I write about his same subject.

There are three comrades from my unit (16 TRS) who were killed while flying missions from TSN in 1969 and in 1972.  Capt Arnold Lamp, Jr was killed in April 1969 when his RF-4C crashed up country.  Major Francis Stewart also was killed in t1969 in the crash of his RF-4C up country while trying to land a shotup aircraft.  Major Gerald Ayres is still MIA.  Believe he went missing in 1972.

Either you gents post these names by the end of the month or my membership will lapse on 30 Apr 01.  A fellow comrade from across the ramp has already ceased his membership for what he says is the same reason.  Guess we'll see.

Pete Doe (aka Squatswitch)

e-mail: (work) pete.doe@hanscom.af.mil
(home) ahdvahk@earthlink.net

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  As part of my responsibilities for maintaining the web page, I try to place everyone who died at Tan Son Nhut on our Memorial Page, when it becomes known to me.  Therefore, the three men that are mentioned above has been checked in the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Directory of Names and confirmed their information.  Today, they have been placed on the Memorial Page as they have earned that right.  However, this is the first, I have heard of these names.

Name:  Jack Lee,                   Apr 04,  2001

Comments:  My name is Jack Lee.  I was stationed at Tan Son Nhut from July, 1967 until April, 1968 when I was summoned home because of my mother's illness.   While home, I applied for and received a compassionate reassignment to Fort Benning, Georgia  .... about 90 miles from my (then)home of Albany, Georgia.  My mother died shortly after my reassignment came through, but I remained at Fort Benning for the balance of my enlistment.

I was in the 509th Radio Research Group and was billeted at Davis Station on Tan Son Nhut.  When I first arrived in-country in July, I worked at our HQ, located on Tan Son Nhut.  A few months later, we moved the HQ to a new building on the ARVN base.

I was part of a guard detail assigned to our HQ building after the TET 1968 Offensive started up north.  At about 0300 hrs., on January 31, 1968, all hell broke loose in Saigon.  I was part of the first guard outside at that time.  I remember the butterflies in my stomach as I put on my flak jacket and grabbed my M-14 (we weren't issued M-16's).  My post was located at the left rear corner of the building.   When I ran outside to take up my post, I entered a surreal world that until then, I had only known from movies  ...  explosive booms, and small arms fire.   I can't say that I was scared ... I guess at that time the reality really hadn't set in.  Our building was surrounded by a tall corrugated tin fence with barbed wire at the top.  I was about four feet away from the fence, so the fence was all I could see.

I guess at the time, I didn't give much thought about the only thing seperating me from a stray round was that thin tin fence.  The pink glow of the flares dropped from the old bulky ARVN choppers overhead added to the surreal quality of the night.   Reality must have set in sooner for my fellow guard at the other corner of the building because I remember looking his way once only to see him squatting and voiding himself.  Later after I was relieved and went back inside to catch some sleep, and after the adrenilin had abated, then reality did take hold.  I began shaking as if I were freezing.   I guess I was fortunate for that delayed reaction.  My friend was apparantly not so lucky.

The next day, once again on guard, but at a post in front of the building, I witnessed something that will forever be imprinted in my memory.  We had just learned that the top floor of the U.S. Embassy had been taken over by the VC.  I don't know now exactly how far from the Embassy our HQ was, but it couldn't have been more than a few blocks away.  I watched as Huey Cobras fired mini-guns and rockets at the Embassy as part of an action to free the Embassy of the VC.  I was amazed at the agility of the small aircraft ... not unlike a dragon fly darting and turning and zooming about.   I felt an immense sense of pride in our Army aviators at that time.  Later we learned that 27 brave MP's had died defending the Embassy.  I was glad that I was witness to some payback for that.

Prior to TET of '68, I really hadn't given much thought to not making it home alive.  I guess in my mind, the real war was in the jungles.   As of TET, I was reminded very much so that I was indeed in Vietnam.  Oh, there were occasional mortars lobbed onto the airfield next to Davis Station before TET, but somehow, the war was still distant .... I can't really explain it, but I guess I knew that our billets weren't the primary target p... go figure ... I was just a stupid kid, I guess.  After TET, however, I did a lot of soul-searching and sobering up to the fact that I was indeed in harm's way ever second of every day in-country.  As a result, I missed my loved ones even more, I suppose, and was more depressed than I had been before.

Within a few months after returning home, my brother, an 11B SSG, was sent over.   He served in the 9th Infantry Division, first as a sniper, then as a sniper instructor.  I think I need to take this opportunity to voice a thanks for all the "grunts" who really went through hell over there.  They are really the ones who carried the war for the rest of us.  My brother, Robert, has and always will have my utmost respect.  He never talks about his experiences ... and I don't ask  .... but I'm sure they are as vivid in his memory today as when he was there.

I hope my narrative hasn't exceeded by too much the norm for this fourm, but, the words just flowed as I sat here and remembered.  Thank you for your patience.

Jack Lee

Name:  Bill Burckhalter,                   Apr 02,  2001

Comments:  I was at Tan Son Nhut from September 1967 throught September 1968.  I was in the Air Force and assigned to the 1876th Communications Sq.  My duty station was the torn tape relay station.   If you worked there during that time I would really love to hear from you.  One thing I really regret about being in the war was I didn't get the names and addresses of my friends when I rotated home.

TET was probably the most memorable time in Vietnam.  I was wounded the first day of TET and spent some time in the hospital.  The second memory was that after TET they gave all us Air Force folks a flak jacket, helmet, and a canteen.  Understood the flak jacket and helmet, but the canteen?  You guessed it -- beer.

I really enjoy the association's web site and the Revetments news letter.  Because of the newsletter, I recently contacted Terry Love (69th Signal Battalion) who was taking photographs in the area, and at the same time, where I was wounded.  He has recently sent me some photos of the day, and wow, what memories.

Bill Burckhalter

Name:  Name Unknown,                   Apr 01,  2001

Comments:  Looking for anyone connected with the 7 th Finance Disbursing Section whose office was just in back of USASGV Headquarters building and aside of the fence surrounding the Air Force Hanger.  Our quarters were along the back fence of the compound also.  Please send me an E-Mail if you were there or know of some one that was.  My E-Mail is: jrigit1017@home.com

Name:  Jim Stewart,                   Mar 29,  2001

Comments:  Parade magazine will feature an article on War Dogs on Sunday, April 1, 2001.  Parade magazine is an insert to many of the major Sunday newspapers across the country and has a circulation of 80 million.  Be sure to get your copy and pass the word.


John Burnam, Vietnam Dog Handler President

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  Jim passed the message along to us and I thank him for it.

Name:  David S. Cumbie,                   Mar 22,  2001

Comments:  Hello Charles, I was referred to you by Art Davis.  Please add my unit:  US Army Engineer Command USARV/MACV HQ TSN/Saigon.

I arrived at Tan Son Nhut, in June 72, during the same time as the Watergate break in.  My unit moved from US Army HQs, in Long Binh, when the US Army moved its HQs to TSN sometime in late 1972.

Some of my unit stayed at the Hotel Walling in Saigon.  I used to make mail runs in a truck or jeep from Long Binh to TSN.  Sometimes we came under small arms fire or grenade attacks in Saigon.  I remember listening to a live Super Bowl broadcast in the middle of the night from Armed Forces Network, Jan 73 (Miami 14 Washington 7).   My CO was Col Russell Lamp from Wash DC., CSGM from Long Binh was Leo Coates.   We went through a rocket attack at TSN in Dec 72.  This was after Nixon started bombing Cambodia.  I have pictures and an article from Stars and Stripes.   I left TSN on March 29, 1973 "X+60".  I remember seeing the VC standing on the tarmac as we got on the plane home!  I would like to hear from anyone who was with my unit in country during the time June 72 - March 73.


SP4 David S. Cumbie
Miami, Florida
US ARMY 1970 - 1973

Name:  George Leather,                   Mar 21,  2001

Comments:  March or April?  The exact date escapes me right now.   Had just finished TDY tour at Bien Hoa with the 377th Security Police Squadron, Det 1.   Spent several tours of duty outside of Peace Commission talks which began at Tan Son Nhut, in January 1973.  I recall the humiliation of standing next to VC counterpart during the talks.  NLF Delegation had been afforded the comforts of Camp Alpha during peace talks.

Secretary Kissinger and Vice President Agnew had been through TSN, evidently, to convince RSVN President Thieu that the bogus peace pact was a good one.  Anyway our bags were packed and it was obvious that we were leaving any day.  At some point after returning from Bien Hoa, our 377th SPS air base defense unit was incorporated into the 377th SPS Law Enforcement unit.  I think this is how I found myself on the Main Gate at TSN on the final night of the 1973 American military withdrawal from Vietnam.

It was not like the chaotic end of the American presence in RSVN which was to occur in 1975.  As a matter of fact, it looked like it was just going to be another long and boring late shift.   The lumbering C-130 gun ship circled above, dropping illuminating flares and it was approaching 2 A.M.  My Quah Canh (QC) partner and I were somewhat surprised when a deuce and a half pulled up and the driver said to me, "Get On."  I think, I hesitated for half a second and was about to say goodbye to the QC.  But he turned his back on us, not looking very pleased.  I don't blame him.  I knew and he knew that his future was not too bright.  I very quickly got over his problem and hopped onto the back of the truch.

Back in the contonement area, we changed into khaki uniforms and were transported out to the flight line.  To my astonishment, two TWA 747's were parked on the tarmac.   Cool!  Maybe they had round eyed stewardesses aboard!  It seemed like forever that we stood loosely about in ranks and the large, bright orange sun was beginning to come up.  It was daylight when a convoy of vehicles pulled up.  Out alighted all kinds of official looking people.

I recall at least one table being set up with chairs.  An NLF official was chatting on a field phone.  And I'll never forget the female VC with a green chiffon scarf wrapped around her pith helmet.  She began photographing us with an old (I think, eastern-block) camera.  We began to board.   Some of us flipped the female VC the bird.  "VC, beaucoupe toom-toom!"

A1C George T. Leather

Name:  John DiPisa,                   Mar 16,  2001

Comments:  I was assigned to the Airfield Survey Section, Airlift Control Center (ALCC), 834th Air Division, from Nov 66 thru Jan 70.  The call sign for ALCC was HILDA (aircrew members would remember that!)  Be nice to hear from anyone who was with HQ 834th AD during that period of time.  John DiPisa

Name:  Kerry Nivens,                   Mar 15,  2001

Comments:  I am looking for anyone that was at Tan Son Nhut from Dec 66 to Dec 67 and was a POL troop.  You have a great page and thanks for all of your efforts and work that you have done.

Yours Truly,

Kerry K. Nivens

Name:  Charles Penley,                   Mar 14,  2001

Comments:  I am trying to locate a member of the Vietnam Veterans of America, who has the Feb/Mar 1998 issue of the VVA newsletter, "VETERAN."  I am trying to obtain a copy for myself.  I have contacted the VVA home office and they have no back issues.   I thank you before-hand for your consideration.

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  Thanks everyone for your consideration on my search.  I have located a copy and it is on it's way to me.

Name:  Unknow Visitor,                   Mar 10,  2001

Comments:  I would like to give you thanks for your web site.  I am currently in the Air Force as Security Forces and doing some research on Louis H. Ficsher, as well, my father was an Air Policeman at Tan Son Nhut from Nov 64 to Nov 65.  He arrived on a Wednesday morning and no sooner cleared the Tan Son Hut airport teminal before bombs ripped through it.  He could also recall clearly a time in May, May 16 to be exact, seeing large explosions and hearing blast some miles away.  It was a series of explosions at Bien Hoa.  Stars and Stripes reported it as a disaster not caused by the enemy, but dad recalls differently.  He recalled several things along those lines, things hard for him to recall.  After talking to him for some length on things during that time, I stumbled onto your page.  It is very informative and helped tie things together.  Things today are much like then, Air Base Defense has come a long way, but at a great cost.  We must all remember were we have been and never forget those before us who died for our security and our Country.  Thank You for remembering.

Name:  Erik Villard,                   Mar 09,  2001

Comments:  Hello - I am a historian at the Center of Military History (CMH) working on a paper about the R & R policy during the Vietnam War.  I am attempting to locate some members of either the 90th Replacement Battalion or the 22nd Replacement Battalion, in order to conduct some interviews about the R & R program (7 day overseas).  Is there a way that you could forward this message to James Dugan, a former member of the 90th Replacement Battalion?  Thank you for your help,

Dr. Erik B. Villard
U.S. Army Center of Military History
Bldg 35- 103 Third Avenue
Fort Lesley J. McNair
Washington, D.C. 20319-5058

Phone: (202) 685-2108
Fax: (202) 685-2077

Name:  MSgt David L. Hunter,                   Mar 09,  2001

Comments:  Looking for POL troops that were stationed at Tan Son Nhut in 1971 and 1972, especially Jose Garcia.

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  Today I added the name of A1C Robert Jacob Garrido, 460th AEMS (a recon unit) to the Tan Son Nhut Association Memorial Page.   I would like to know if any of the members, associates and guests have any first hand knowledge of his death, which took place on May 6, 1968 during mini-TET?  If so please contact Charles Penley at:  

Name:  Tom Shearon,                   Mar 06,  2001


Comments:  I was assigned to the Army's 69th Signal Battalion during Tet, and was part of a squad of guys on what was called Task Force 35 when it all happened.  We were trucked to gate 51 and stayed on a firing line there for what seemed like an eternity.   We were nothing but a handful of scrawny clerks and regimental types who had no real business meeting the enemy.  I don't know how much ammunition was expended on that firing line, but it was a bunch.

My purpose in writing this is twofold.   First, we lost a friend of mine there that night-a fine combat photographer named John L. Nielson from Maryland.  His name belongs on this site memorialized in some way as much as anyone's does.  The other purpose is to thank the Air Force security guy, a sergeant, to whom we were given for deployment that night.  He went up and down our firing line for a long time and through a lot of gunfire keeping us organized and functioning.

There is no doubt in my mind that all of our group would have been killed that night had we been without the leadership of this man.  Whoever you are, I thank you. My two children would not have seen this world had it not been for your courage.

Tom Shearon

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  I was also there for TET 1968.   I was at a "Special Post," adjacent to Central Security Control (CSC) intersection.   Task Force-35, consisted of three (3) U.S. Army platoons on that fateful night.   I have the names of those three USAF Sergeants that led the Army platoons.  It will take till tomorrow to locate those names.  I have also added John L. Nielson to the Memorial Page.  You men fought very bravely during that time frame.

Name:  Ralph Ward,                   Mar 03,  2001

Comments:  Art Davis told me about your association, I was there as a air traffic controller with the 1876th Communications Squadron from December 1968 through December 1969.   I am sure, I will join the association at a later date.  Keep up the good work.  Ralph Ward, Owensboro, KY.

Name:  Keith W. Nolan,                   Mar 02,  2001


Comments:  I am not a veteran of the 377th Security Police Squadron, but I did speak with many squadron veterans, when writing, " THE BATTLE FOR SAIGON; TET 1968, " which was published in 1996, by Pocket Books.  The book details the 377th SPS's Battle at Tan Son Nhut Airbase, as well as the 3rd SPS's Battle at Bien Hoa Airbase.

I am presently researching a book about the battles fought in Saigon during the so-called Mini-Tet Offensive of May 1968.  I would like to hear from any 377th SPS veterans who were at Tan Son Nhut, during this second wave of communist urban attacks.  Please contact me at this address:

Keith W. Nolan
HCR 32, Box 68
Blackwell MO 63626-9606

I am especially anxious to hear from individuals who can speak to two bizarre rumors that grew out of the May 1968 action in Saigon.  The first rumor is that a three-striper from the 377th SPS opened fire with an M16 from a radar tower, shooting two airman who were exiting a messhall; in response to this sniper fire, so the story goes, an ARVN paratrooper unit blew the radar tower and the three-striper to pieces with a barrage of rifle and machine-gun fire.

The second rumor is that a team of VC hit the Tan Son Nhut perimeter in May 1968, and that this team included a U.S. Army deserter living in Saigon who had been pressed into service by the enemy to help guide them through the airbase perimeter defenses.

Does anyone out there know anything about these incidents?  As noted, I'd be much obliged to hear from anyone who served at Tan Son Nhut in May 1968.

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  I have purchased and given away approximately thirteen (13) of Keith William Nolan's book, "The Battle For Saigon, TET 1968."   Having given them to other active duty historians and friends.  The first six chapters of the book, deals exclusively with the 377th Security Police Squadron.

If anyone that was stationed at Tan Son Nhut, has any information that might help Keith, then I am positive that it will be greatly appreciated.

Name:  Ron "Primo" Benner,                   Feb 28,  2001

Comments:  Just wanted to take a moment to drop a message.  Looking for a posting on the guest book.  Great web page its been a long time.  My name is Ron "Primo" Benner.  I was an Air Traffic Controller (Radar Approach Controller) at Tan Son Nhut, 1876th Comm SQ.  March 1969-March 1970.  Looking for controllers from those days.  Thanks  Primo

Name:  Christina Sharik,                   Feb 27,  2001

Comments:  I would like to be put in touch with Sam Martin (Samuel H. Martin - 377th Security Police Squadron) - a former penpal and the inspiration for my "Caskets at Tan Son Nhut" poem.  His photo is on at least two websites that the poem is on.   I don't know how many other web pages.  Many thanks for any help anyone can give me.  I was known as Christina Phillips then. - Meanwhile, "Welcome Home to all, and God Bless."

Many thanks.

Christina Sharik
a/k/a ArmyMom

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  Christina is known on the internet as "Army Mom" and her web page is located at URL:     http://www.angelfire.com/fl/ArmyMomsSafeHaven/

Two of the web pages that Christina's poem, "Caskets At Tan Son Nhut," can be read, along with the photograph that her friend, A2C Samuel H. Martin sent to her, is found at URL:

1.  International War Veterans Poetry Archives, where she was awarded the March 2001, Bronze Helmet Award for the above mentioned poem.

2.  The 377th Security Police Squadron web page at URL:

Name:  Ann Kelsey,                   Feb 26,  2001

Comments:  A search for an archive of the _MACV Observer_ led me to your site, and there was the text of a sign, in the Tan Son Nhut Aerial Port, that I've been trying to remember the exact words of, for years -- "In case of mortar attack Don't Panic--Don't Run..."   I can still remember sitting in those plastic chairs reading that sign, just after my arrival and thinking that was about the most incongruous thing I had ever seen.   How the hell was I going to, not panic, lie on the floor and cover my head under those little plastic seats!  I am so happy to see that sign again.  I'm going to make it into a poster and hang it on my office door!  Never worked at Tan Son Nhut, but spent lots of time flying in and out of it.  Many thanks to those great guys who flew PACAF Airlines.

Ann Kelsey
DAC, USARV Special Services Libraries, 69-70

Name:  Larry D. Kilgo,                   Feb 25,  2001

Comments:  Please change the e-mail address for Larry D. Kilgo, new address is as follows:     Could you please list my outfit, I was with the 877th Trans Sq, Traffic Management Div.   I would like to hear from anyone who served with me, from Aug 1970 to Aug 1971.   Thanks for your help in this matter.

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  Your assistance is requested.   I have placed a new photograph in the Photograph of the Month section, for one of our members.  We are trying to identify this U.S. Army Patch.  Please take a look at the patch and see if you can help us identify it.  Thank you in advance.

Name:  Joseph L. Gilliam,                   Feb 18,  2001

Comments:  Need help verifying stressors for PTSD claim.  I am looking for anyone who can recall moving bodybags from choppers on their pads, to the mortuary at Tan Son Nhut in 1966.   Also taking the processed remains to the flightline and loading them onto C-135's for shipment home.  I did this while assigned to the 8th Aerial Port Squadron but I can't find any Air Force or Army records to prove it.  PLEASE, I NEED HELP!!!!!!

Joseph L. Gilliam
616 North L Street
Livingston, Montana, 59047

Name:  Mike McGann,                   Feb 14,  2001

Comments:  Finally got in touch with my old NCOIC, TSgt Don Lowery (at the time) USAF.  Thank you for sending along all the name of all the Don Lowry's you found.   He retires as MSgt and went on to get his teaching certificate and taught in Colorado (Geography) until he retired, finally!  He said, I was the ONLY one to ever get in touch from Vietnam.  It was like we were still together for a brief half hour.

From our conversation it dawned on me, that so many may not know of Tan Son Nhut Association.  Perhaps a press release to the nets (CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, and etc.) detailing the site might get us some publicity and our friends might just look up TSNA.   I know we are not "hot news" anymore, but as evidenced by the comments posted, those of us who were there remember.  Just a thought.  Thanks again for the help, it was wonderful to talk with my old friend.  Mike McGann,  7th AF DXI TSN, Vietnam 1969.

Name:  Tony Betterton,                   Feb 13,  2001

Comments:  Just found the Tan Son Nhut Association web page and checked the Memorial Section.  I arrived at Tan Son Nhut on or about April 16, 1966 and was assigned to the 2nd Signal Group there on the base (Camp Gaylor?)  At about 2;00 a.m. the following morning, there was an intense mortar attack apparently intended to destroy as many helicopters as possible.  Unfortunately, several rounds slammed into a small transit compound nearby, killing or wounding 6 or 7 men, who were either spending their 1st nite in-country or on their way home the next day.  By the grace of God, I was not there, but only because my duty assignment was with the 2nd Sig Group.

However from the sandbagged bunker (not really a bunker, just sandbags piled about 4 feet high) next to a perimeter fence, Charlie was so close that I could hear the motars being dropped into the tubes and their ignition.  I will never forget a guy walking guard outside the fence, while this was happening.  He never missed a beat and continued his duty standing tall.   I was convinced that they were going to come right up on us when they got thru with expending their shells and blow us away.  Yes, I dirtied my underwear(hell ..  its all I was wearing, with steel pot on my on my head).  I didn't notice reference to that approximate date on your memorial.  Maybe you would like to look in to that night.

I could also hear the explosions and the sounds of at least one man screaming.  That was my introduction to Vietnam.  I probably have some photos taken in or around the base(I was PIO, but took all my own photos).  I would be honored to share them with you when I get a chance to go thru them.  After 35 years and even a return trip in 1995, I am still dealing with it and soon will go on the waiting list for Menlo Park.

Tony Betterton, April 1966 -- March 1967

Everywhere there was a signal site and too many events like the one I just described, sometimes up close and too personal.

Name:  Peter Beyette,                   Feb 11,  2001

Comments:  This is my first visit and I noted that my unit is not on the membership list.  I would also like to add my e-mail address.

Unit:  6922 Security Wing Det. 5, (1966 - 1968)

E-mail: pfbey@gateway.net

Thank you for the great job you are doing, keep up the good work.

I have some photos and newsclippings, I would like to share for publication in Revetments.  Please tell me the best way to do this, that is e-mail or regular mail.  I have scanning capabilities and could scan and attach to e-mail, if this is the best way for you to receive information.

If so, I will go to work to send some things asap, after I hear from you.
Best regards,

Peter F. Beyette

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  Peter, thank you for allowing the TSNA to use your old unit and email address on the web page.  I believe that will help you to make contact with some of your former friends.  I will send this message to Bob Need, who is the Public Affairs Officer for the TSNA.  He will be able to respond to the information you seek.  However, the web master (Charles Penley ) would like to receive your scanned photographs also, so as to place them on the TSNA Photograph of the Month web page.

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  Assistance needed:  On behalf of a former 377th Air Police Squadron member, who is currently seventy-five (75) years of age.  I am looking for any individuals from the 377th Air Police Squadron, who were involved, in the Dec 4, 1966, "Attack on Tan Son Nhut."  Specifically, the Air Policemen, who were in the QRT in which Cole and Riddle were killed and ten other's were wounded.   In addition, I am trying to find the names of the Master Sergeants who were assigned to the 377th Air Police Squadron, at the time of the attack.

Name:  Mike McGann,                   Feb 09,  2001

Comments:  Thank you so much, for pointing me toward Tan Son Nhut Association, while looking for my friends, I served with in 1969.  Its only in recent months (30+ years later) that I can and do talk openly about my feelings and what Vietnam meant to me.   Mostly I remember fondly, my comrades and friends, and the Vietnamese children at the Ky Quang Orphanage in Saigon, all still in my mind and in my heart.   I'm now, openly proud to have served with men and women of honor.  I feel priviledged to be part of TSNA even if it is all a memory, not faded and never forgotten.  Finding the friends, I am looking for would be wonderful, but just being a part of something so heartfelt as TSNA, makes it all seem so much easier, now.

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  I just received my current copy of the REVETMENTS newsletter today (February 2001).  In the Communication Center portion, was a letter from Dave Sanders, pertaining to the use of terminology, specifically, "Medal of Honor Winners, on the Tan Son Nhut Association links page."  Dave you are correct and I have changed the word from winner to recipient.  I too, have that same regard for teminology as you.  Sometimes, I am to close to a project and do not see what others might see.  Thanks, for keeping me straight.  It makes for a better web page.

Name:  William "Pete" Piazza,                   Jan 29,  2001

Comments:  Hi Guys, Just dropping you this line to say "Hello" for TET 68 anniversary.  33 years ago on the morning of 31 Jan we went into hell and say you can not have our base.  We lost some very good folks, but we ensured that we all made a little part of the history books.  My best to you all and everyone else that you have run across during the last 33 years.  Regards, Pete

Name:  Tom Bilgermann                   Jan 26  2001


Comments:  Hi, I was assigned to the 377th Field Maintenance Squadron from 30 August 1972 to 25 Nov 72.  I was sent to Tan Son Nhut after I had spent 4 months at Cam Ranh Bay, until it closed, and then 5 months at Phu Cat AB as an Advisory Team augmentee from the 377th Air Base Wing.  They sent most of us down to TSN when they eliminated our slots at Phu Cat.  I was a Tsgt at the time.  Tom Bilger,CMSgt, USAF (Retired)

Name:  Don Hoffmann                   Jan 23  2001


Comments:  I was stationed at Tan Son Nhut Sept 1966 to Aug 1967.  I was in the Air Force as a comm center specalist, at the 7AF comm center.  Looking for anyone who was assigned to the 7AF command post comm center in 1966/1967.

Name:  Patrick R. Bafile                   Jan 18  2001


Comments:  My name is Patrick R. Bafile.  I was in the 45th TAC RECON from Nov 1969 -- Nov 1970.  I am looking for anyone that was there during this time.

Name:  Clarence J. Spencer                   Jan 16  2001


Comments:  I served at Tan Son Nhut from Sept 70 to Apr 71.  I was a member of the ACP.  Det 12, 22AF, or later as 616 Mass.  Clarence J. Spencer, MSgt, USAF RETD

Name:  Larry Mayes                   Jan 15  2001

Comments:  I arrived at TSN on or about 20 Nov 69.  The next day (or day or so) I was only eye witness to a C-130 maintenance troop being run over by a pallet train driving behind a C-130 backing our of a revetment on Charlie Row (right in front of ALCE and 8th Aerial Port offices).  He was very badly injured, with steel castor wheel passing over his hips and upper thighs -- a stateside bound C-141 medivac was parked just next to Charlie Row and a Dr. from that plane came and tended to injured airman until ambulance arrived ... airman was eventually airlifted to PI for treatment.  Can anyone out there shed any light on this airman and perhaps who he was, where he may be now, etc?  Thanks.

Larry Mayes, 8th Aerial Port
TSN 1969-70

Name:  Michael Fox                   Jan 09,  2001

Comments:  I was at Tan Son Nhut, off and on, from Jun 1969 to Dec 1971.   Helped rebuild the old mopic trailers.  Spent most of the time at 601st Photo, Korat RTAFB.

Name:  Charles Penley                   Jan 09,  2001

Comments:  I have done two new things to this particular web page.  I have placed in the top right corner, two new buttons.  The top button will allow you to view the prior messages that have been sent to the Tan Son Nhut Association web page.

The second button will allow you to click on it and send a new message to the Tan Son Nhut Association web page.

This is not an automatic message forum.  The message comes to my email box and I post it on the web page.  We have never received a negative message yet, but with the automatic postings, alot of unwanted trash makes their way onto the message board.

Name:  Charles Penley                   Jan 07,  2001

Comments:  I am continuously searching for items that pertain to Tan Son Nhut, Air Base, RVN.  This would include all years.  Do you have a map of the entire installation, or even a portion of the installation?  To me maps, in many cases, shows building numbers.  What items do you have that has meaning to you, that you would be willing to zerox or scan and share with the rest of our members?  Perhaps a photograph, old orders, pamplets, 7th Air Force Newspaper and etc...?  

There is alot of history about Tan Son Nhut that should be shared with our other members.   I ask each of you to check your keep sakes and see what you have.  Then please share with the rest of us.

Name:  Robert C. Wolf,                   Jan 05,  2001


Comments:  Great site!  I am trying to find Robert D. Hall, 7th AF (or something like that).  I believe that he was a Sergeant.  He was at Tan Son Nhut, Air Base, in Saigon, from 1963 - 1964.   He departed Saigon, May 1964, to go to Florida (his Home of Record, I think).   Thanks.  Rob Wolf

Name:  William Frank,                   Jan 01,  2001


Comments:  William Frank, CMSgt (Ret), USAF.   I was at Tan Son Nhut from May 1966 to Jan 1967.  I worked in the 377th/460th FMS AGE Shop.  Worked mostly swing shifts.  I was a SSgt when I arrived in country.  Was sent PCS to Nha Trang, Jan 1967, stayed there several years.   Nice page.  Hixton, Wis

FROM THE WEB MASTER:  As you can see this is an updated version of the Tan Son Nhut Association web page.  It's your forum to voice, things that are on your mind?  What are your thoughts about Tan Son Nhut or Vietnam?   What would you like to discuss in this forum?  What do you want to share with the members of this association?  Please remember that we are a family friendly web site and keep it fairly clean.

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